Thanks for all the
emails & feedback on
me going into #Coffeerehab



I’m limping into Day 4 today, after breezing
through Day 1 then it all went down hill
with  skull crushing headaches
and the energy of a nat,
but sticking out this pre Christmas
detox I know the HUGE energy
surge will be here very soon.



I’m filming videos today for Virgin
Active so will be sipping
on my fruit teas instead of usual


If you are also in
#cofferehab  tweet me & let me
know how you are getting along.












Thoroughly enjoyed last nights
Apprentice – Did you see Ms Bulmer-Cooke?

She got some serious airtime last
night as Sir Alan
cross examined her in the board room.

I think being in the firing line,
is wonderful for the
viewers to REALLY get to know her.

She was sassy & assertive & seriously
fought her corner.

Anyway, she escaped eviction
and hot footed
it back to the house.

Looking fwd to next week already.




Very excited about tomorrow & the start of
the first HOT Fitness Pilates.

Its going to be a ground breaking course as I think its going to be the very first in the UK.

If you run a HOT YOGA studio and want to offer HFP get in touch we are looking for nationwide venues to host course in 2015.


Only 3 weeks away from Christmas and we are still working hard on PR, marketing and making sure everything is ready for January.

The most inspiring thing about Group X is the contrasting levels of joy it brings for all the different people who attend our various classes.

For example, on a Tuesday I teach 2 freestyle classes, an advanced step class followed by a hardcore HIIT.

The joy and exhilaration when the group gets the choreography and routine is addictive. I feel inspired to come up with new and exciting routines every week.

In the evening it’s KSFL where I talk on nutrition, empowerment, confidence and motivation, followed by the KSFL workout which has little choreography but the sense of accomplishment and, of course, the body transformation here is a completely different high to the freestyle Step high.

It’s all about helping our clients feel great and enjoy their chosen mode of health and fitness depending on their goals.

Who WOULDN’T want a job like this.

The end of a year is a great time to reflect on all the people we have helped, motivated and inspired along the way.

It doesn’t matter if you have big groups or small numbers. Whether you teach in an old church hall, B & Q car park, or the coolest health club in town, the fact that your expertise and knowledge has helped someone improve their life really is priceless.


New Fitness Pilates Download

Fitness Pilates Moves with Kelly
Our latest FP Download is up on C2GO & you can download it by clicking here.
It’s an awesome Download click here




Kick Start Franchisee Business Owners

Are you ready to join the UK”s fastest growing
diet & fitness club franchise.




Kick Start Fat Loss is looking for new Franchisees all over the UK
& now is a great time to ready to start your classes in 2015.


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Ways to improve your Health and Fitness Newsletters
& Blogs by Rachel Holmes




I have discussed in previous newsletter which mail delivery system was best and looked at how you can write great newsletters, which generated A LOT of correspondence about writing.

Many of you would love to write more compelling newsletter, blog, posts, articles and web copy.

I’ve got a couple of fast ways you can improve your writing immediately.

1.Be concise and be clear.

You’ve heard this one a million times. Tight, concise, easy-to-read pieces are heaven for readers. Long, complex, convoluted ones are just confusing and boring.

Very often, the longer you write, the less you hold a reader’s interest.

If you can’t say it simply in just a few words, then you’ve lost readers.

Write short and write lean.

2.Keep it short

Not your writing (although that’s a good idea), but your line length.

Interestingly, people actually read longer lines faster.

But fast reading isn’t necessarily what you want them to be doing.

You want readers to be absorbing what you wrote, understanding your message, and reading comfortably as well.

So go for short.

Set your page layout so that it’s not full width,
or if you need that full width,
keep sentences short and use plenty of paragraph breaks.

100 characters per line is optimal for speed — but about 45 characters is best for reader comfort

3.Stick to three

3 is the magic number

It’s said that people can process
7 bits of information (more or less) at a time.

But the number that’s most compelling is the one we like the best:

So have 3 bullet points,
3 steps,
3 strategies.

Use the number 3 as often as you can.

Not only will you capture better reader interest by doing so, but you’ll improve your readers’ ability to remember what you’ve written. We tend to chunk information into groups of three, and recall those triads more easily.

4. Break it up

Make it easy for people to read your work. The easier it is, the more they’ll get your point and enjoy reading — and that’s what you want.

Reading online is tiring  So you need to do everything you can to make it less of a strain.

No more than three sentences to a paragraph, please, and keep those sentences short.?

Add bullet points and sub headings to guide people along.?Use a larger font size as tiny means squint, and that’s no good.?

5.Stay on topic

Decide on the main point of your piece and create three (!) sub-points that support it. Make sure each one ties back to the message you want to get across to readers, and make sure each sub-point is supportive and relevant.

So there are your quick guides to becoming a better writer today.
|Hope that helps you with your next newsletter, article or blog post.

5  Ways to Open Your Newsletter or Blog Post With a Bang

What’s the second most important part of your blog post after the title?

It’s the  opening paragraph.

So, here are 5 ways to kick off your newsletter that will capture the reader’s imagination and pull them deeper into your content.

1. Ask a Question

Opening your post with a question that creates curiosity and gets the reader thinking. Thinking equals active engagement with your newsletter, and that’s a very good thing.

2. Share an Anecdote or Quote

Anecdotes are quick stories that can make people laugh or immediately establish the main point of your post. A nice quote from a recognisable authority or famous person can also work wonders when holding attention in those crucial opening seconds.

3. The Mind’s Eye

Producing a mental image in a reader’s mind is one of the most powerful things you can ever do as a writer, try engaging the imagination in the first paragraph, this a powerful opening technique. Activate the mind’s eye of the reader by using words like “imagine,” “picture this,” “do you remember when,” etc.

4. Use an Analogy, Metaphor or Simile

Analogies, metaphors and similes are some of the most powerful devices available when it comes to telling a story in a single sentence. This is a great way to capture a reader’s attention and also acts to provoke mental imagery that allows readers to tell a story to themselves.

5. Cite a Shocking Statistic

Starting off with an interesting factoid is also a great technique. People love being provided with interesting data, but only if it is unique, startling, or even shocking. The statistic should also be directly relevant to the point of your post as well.

Let me know if you BLOG as I love to read fitness Blogs @RachelHolmes

Hope you have a wonderful Day
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