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Hey hey hey

What are you up to today?

Are you all set?

Is today going to be a  another monster
rush around day, ticking of things
on your to do list…..?

Cramming as much into every second
to get it all done?


Are you chilling all smug, with your presents
wrapped,  house immaculate, classes sorted,
full fridge, dogs walked, mulled wine
bubbling away ….. (I wish!)  blah blah bah

Whichever camp you fall into today.

Enjoy every minute.

It’s unbelievable to think it’s the end of 2014.

So, today’s little Pre Christmas Sunday
motivational  for all my fitness & Kick Start

is to remember to give yourself a big
pat on the back.

Being happy in YOUR skin.

Making the right
choices for you personally
& truly loving yourself are
the keys to success.

When you are happy with yourself you
can move mountains, make miracles happens,
transform your business, your life & those
around you.

Without it?

There’s such a long, long way to go……..

Have you noticed when you are not
feeling the love
for yourself,
you attract folk to you who thrive on

It’s not a good look….. And it doesn’t feel right

So Today


GIve yourself a quick Sunday Morning


Right now!

Love always
Rachel xxxxx

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