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~Contact.FirstName~ Are you
thoughts limiting your success?

Whatever you think can spur
you on to great things
or keep you locked down
into littleness.

Are you bullying yourself?

If you mind keeps repeating
over and over….

“ No, you cant do that”

“ No your too old/fat/young/not
experienced enough”
blah blah blah

Well, it’s like your kind of
bullying yourself
don’t you think?

Thoughts seriously impact if you get the job
done & you reach to a higher level

pull you back down lower
or even worse, paralyse you into doing jack shit.

So, as its SO very close to the
Make sure you choose empowering,

uplifting thoughts of ….

Can Do


Will Do

Don’t bully yourself out of greatness.
Keep strong, focussed & uber positive!
Have a wicked pre Christmas Tuesday.
Love Rachel xxx
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