As we close

down our classes for 2014
I love to see which clients
commit to attending right to the end.

Everyone IS just so busy right now,  
but those special people
that keep attending as a
priority in their hectic pre christmas
schedules is so amazing.

How many of you
walked into class this week
to find someone
had left cards & 
prezzies on the top of the
stereo for you?

The special cards, gifts & kind words
just warm the heart &
definitely makes it all
worth while.

Even though the job
can get hard at times,
the pay is not always that good,
club politics
can grind your down,
learning social media
& trying to expand your fitness business
can leave you feel stuck & helpless,injuries
can make you miserable & not
performing at your best.
I still would not want to be doing
anything else.

Or working in any other industry.
What about you?

So, today is all about feeling the gratitude.

Gratitude that we work in fantastic industry.
Gratitude for the folks who come to class every week.
Gratitude that we get to help, motivate & inspire people.
Gratitude that we can chop & change & teach new concepts.
Gratitude that you can build a fitness career that suits your lifestyle.

Gratitude that you meet & can learn
from many exceptionally interesting & inspiring people!
The list goes on and on………

Do YOU agree?
Have a wonderful Friday

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