It’s Monday morning & are you feeling that

Are YOU saying that  line
to yourself right now?

How many times a day do YOU say this to

Has it become your constant mantra
& affirmation because it is SO
ingrained into
your brain?

The more you say it to yourself
mentally, the more you feel those words,
cascades of negative
feelings & emotions flood
through you, causing
despair & lowering
your energy that not only YOU feel


everyone you come into contact
with picks up on it & feels your negative
low vibe.

It spreads like a virus.

SO, before you embark on another
fitness & diet campaign.

Which you probably are as its Monday.

YOU have to retrain your brain.

YOU  have hotwire in a new
positive mantra that replaces
that old negative
“ I feel fat” affirmation

You GET to choose your thoughts.

You CAN change that rubbish
old mental dialogue.

You CAN retrain your brain.

And, as soon as you do
you will start to feel your energy rise.

It’s INSTANT! which is awesome!

YOU will start to feel empowered.

YOU will feel better immediately.

Take control of your THOUGHTS right now.


Sit up straight & make a plan.

Before you even begin working out
or starting a diet.

Change your THINKING.

Flex your mental muscles.

Every time the
“I feel Fat” chat comes steaming
into your mind, just knock it
back with

“Today I elevate my health, fitness
& nutrition”

At first, it might feel like a lie
that you are telling yourself.

But stick with it.

Keep it in your mind
all day.

Keep on practicing & write it on
your phone, put it on a note
by the side of your pc.
Stick it on a post it on your dashboard.
Then you can keep seeing it &
reminding yourself.

For one thing, its sooooooooo boring
thinking the same old same old
boring negative thoughts, every day,
day in day out

Don’t you think?

Sooooo boring, so dull & so predictable
and it lowers your energy so much.

So, today lets Change it UP!

Start NOW.

ANYONE can give you a diet sheet to follow:
but the first step is to retrain
your brain, start the re-wiring
process & the rest will follow.

It’s actually quite exciting & liberating to keep
catching yourself when you hear your thoughts
slipping back into the old
“I feel fat” chat  to replace it with

“Today I elevate my health, fitness & nutrition”

Go ON You Can Do it!

PLEASE let me know how you go on

I REALLY  enjoy hearing from you. Tweet me

Have a positive filled MONDAY

LOVE Rachel xxx

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