No one get its right

every time.

How many times have you taught a not so great
said a stupid thing to customer,
acted in a crazy way…??

Have you looked back
on the day and thought……


I wish I hadn’t done,
said, acted
that way,I could of done
so much better”

If this has happened to you

this January
then take stock, if you were
think how you could of been more

If you were being arsy with

could you have been
more loving?

Maybe a client driving you
crazy is looking for more
attention from you?

Perhaps you feel you have s
o much more
to offer but  are feel a bit overwhelmed
with all the choices & options you have?
Its all normal!

Take stock.

Have a minute.

Self correct, steer yourself back

in the right direction,
and get going again.
Take control, learn from the experience
& realise your full potential.
Yo have SO much potential in the
fitness industry, so many changes
& opportunities.
It’s exciting times!

Let me know what you think as always.

Happy Tuesday
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Love Rachel xx


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