No fitness instructor I know is

frightened of speaking.

We flippin LOVE talking.

It’s the “public” part that is scary.

But why?

You know your stuff.

YOU have a TON Of fantastic info that can help
transform peoples lives.

Tips. Tricks. Amazing research.

You are a TOP professional

with a wealth
of experience
& expertise.

Have you considered doing talks?

You can speak at

Womens groups,
Business groups,
Schools, Colleges,
Universities, Clubs,
Professional groups,
Mums Groups,
Parenting groups,
Flower arranging

The list is ENDLESS….. I mean endless

Just google around your area

& see what groups
meet & send over a quick
email or Facebook message

There is an unlimited audience

in your town that would
LOVE LOVE to hear a health,
fitness, wellness or nutrition talk.



The Expert.

Public speaking is an
exceptional way of
promoting your business

& your

You may do a talk for FREE
but think of the
great PR &

how many people would
come to your classes,
or buy your personal training
or come to your studio or
purchase your online

The more talks you do.

The better you get.

Be the exceptional expert.

I know you can do it.

Hope that inspires you today.

Have a wicked Saturday.

Love Rachel x

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