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As its the hottest days you might have seen your numbers
drop a bit last night…



Maybe YOU wanted to stay with your family
in the garden & the thought of turning up
in record temperatures left you feeling
decidedly cold?

Do yo think it’s about time you looked
at creating some part of your
fitness business online?

I know I’ve been banging on about it
for sooo long but isn’t something you would actually
like to do?

When you undervalue what you do,
the world will undervalue who you are.” (Oprah)

I saw this quote today by Oprah
(TOP SHERO)?& it really started my mind
ticking over.?

You my friend, are NOT an amateur.

You are highly respected fitness professional,
helping, serving & motivating your customers
to live a happier, healthier, fitter life


No, actually it’s ESSENTIAL.

To start valuing yourself properly.

Stepping out & designing a
fitness business?that works for you.

That rewards you well.

That is fulfilling.

Not draining.

The tools are all in front of you.

Try to stop pricing yourself so
low that you’re only just scraping
by every month.

If your prices are too low
then you start to resent your customers.
It’s no way to live.

Health, fitness & nutrition are

I know the health clubs & leisure centres
are not going to increase your wages,
so if you really want more you have
to teach in the community, within ?local businesses,
set up online & break out from the norm.

It’s a really exciting time right now.

But whatever path you decide is right for you.

Don’t forget Oprah’s wise words

“When you undervalue what you do, ?
the world will undervalue who you are.” (Oprah)?

You are unique & you have unique skills
?you must charge accordingly.

Get More Done in Less Time – Hey Control Freak


You have got your mojo back, the fire in your belly is burning pretty HOT, so now you are ready to take on the fitness world, but you only have a few hours every day to do it all. No one in the universe can run the show themselves no matter how small their business is.

Fitpros LOVE teaching but don’t like admin so much, so get help even if it’s a few hours a week.
1: Firstly, make a list of everything you have to do in your business and I mean everything – e.g. Responding to emails/Social Media/Writing Newsletters/Running Facebook Ad’s/ and a list of everything you have to get done personally.
2: Create Step by Step Instructions, a repeatable system that someone can follow. I use screen flow which videos my computer screen and my voice as I make a little training video showing my VA how I want something done. I have tons of little videos that I have on file demonstrating exactly how I want things done.
3:Start slowly, train your VA and give them feedback.
They won’t get everything right straight away, be patient and you will get there.
4.Be clear with your instructions and exactly what you expect and always pay promptly.
5.There are lots of professional VA’s around. Ask on Facebook/Twitter, Google VA’s or use amazing sites like People Per Hour, Elance and Odesk to find the right person for you.
6.Expect to pay between £8 – £12 per hour (Cheaper if you use a VA from overseas) depending on the VA’s expertise and the jobs you need doing.?When hiring, conduct a Skype interview, ask for references and proof of work.

I now employe 2 full time VA’s who are based in the philipeans they are worth thei weight in gold
& are so brilliant!

The most important and CRUCIAL & I mean CRUCIAL thing that ALL budding Fitness Entrepreneurs must do is…………

Build Your Email List

Having an email list that you regularly?communicate with is the backbone to your business.

Being totally honest with you…

If you don’t have a list.?You don’t have a business.

So, if you REALLY want to get your ?online projects off the ground start?building your email list.


1: Select a content management system?to deliver your emails & broadcast.

Aweber. MailChimp. Constant Contact?are all great to start with. Choose which one?serves your needs.

2:Create a Sign up box or “opt in” that you can?promote on your Facebook & Twitter?to get the email addresses of interested?customers onto your email database(list).

3:Add all of your existing customers & clients?email addresses to the list.

4:Write REGULAR email/newsletter/broadcast providing tons of?great value content, tips & news?that your customers will LOVE.

5:Build an online relationship through?daily emails, videos or audios connecting?with your list.

You don’t need millions of email addresses to create?a profitable fitness business.

50 – 100 Good quality emails is a BRILLIANT?start & this will grow.
I work on my building my email list every?single day.

It enables you to launch any new product?or service easily to a database of people?who LOVE you & the things you offer.

Everybody Loves The Sunshine…but Don’t Bank On It……Phew…!!

By Andrew Crawford
Two solid days of wonderful sunshine….had to change my normal baths to 2-3 showers a day……….but………… long will it last.?
Can we bank on it?
Talking about banks….. whilst your focus was turned to Wimbledon, strawberries & cream, brilliantly mowed lawns, fizz and pims our brothers & sisters in Greece could not bank on their bank.

Then my mind turns to those poor lorry drivers with Betty Swollocks in 23 miles of traffic because of the strike in Calais….Hot as……
Back to the bank….Can you remember that this is the 2nd time in modern history that something like this has happened.
Remember Cyprus a few years ago?
Now you are aware of the issues in Greece you probably don’t know the implications of the latest announcement… ….
Greece has closed all banks until July 6th and announced that daily withdrawal limits of €60 a day will be put into effect from a few days ago.
Imagine that…..the Government can TELL you that you can that you only have access to €60 a day of your OWN hard earned blood sweat and tears money…!!!
If you’re not a Greek citizen and don’t have Greek interests, then you need to pay attention to this more than the residents of Greece currently, why is that?
Because Greece is already in it, the wheels are turning and the residents can’t do much now…

So Andrew…..

What’s the sunshine and the banks in Greece got to do with Accountancy & Tax?

Which bank should you bank with?

Here’s the hot tip: The Commercial Bank of “Fill- In- Your- Name -Here”


It’s safer, you don’t need 3 forms of id, no 90 day advance notice for withdrawal, no queuing, no computer glitches, access your funds 247 365, you can forego and will not miss the 0.05% less tax of interest per year you receive on your funds, no bank statements, no banking fees, no standing order fees, no direct debit fees, no additional fees for looking after your account, no transaction charges, no interest charges, no maximum withdrawal limit, no statement posted to house fees, no debit card usage fees, no cash paid in fees, no cash paid out fees, no cheques paid in fee, no non automated debit fees, NO restriction on the amount of your own money you can withdraw……in fact those are off the top of my head, I’m sure there’s more…!!

So Andrew,

What has banking and interest got to do with me??

Well ….Here are 5 places you can bank on and get a better return on your money.

Your Business
Your Products
Your Services
Your Staff

That is why you need to have your wealth protected in Real Money, Gold and Silver …………….!!
Because smart investors can see the trend, know the risk and really want to protect their money, their family’s wealth and their future… !!

Phew……..It’s hot..!!
One cannot fathom what was going through the mind of the Tunisian beach killer. A prayer goes out to the victims’ families who have to deal with the aftermath.

One word………Zlogg.

It’s coming….

What is Zlogg?

To find out………go here :

Rain rain go away…….

Andrew James Crawford

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