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Choreographytogo Newsletter 15/9/16

I am so looking forward to heading up to the BIG ONE
NORTH event on Saturday…

Are you going…It’s always a great day 🙂

I’ll be delivering a lecture on branding with Jayne,
Kick Start Business Building with Kelly, Brainfit and
Hi/Lo with Ceri and Steve so an action packed day.

It’s been a busy week as I have been on the road
presenting Kick Start
launches to hundreds of women and it’s been incredible.

I really enjoy meeting everyone and (hopefully)
inspiring everyone to become more healthy
and look at their nutrition.

Ill be in Northwich tonight and next week Coleshill,
and Leeds. If you are in the area you are more than
welcome to come along to these free events.


The BrainFit Workout
A HUGE Thanks to everyone who came to the
BrainFit Workout launch in Bristol
It was amazing and marks the first in a new Group Exercise Direction.
If you would like to watch the videos and
see the feedback
from the day click the link below.
Would you like to book onto the next workshops?


Launching My VIP DAY – High Impact Results Driven
Would you like to fast track your Fitness Business?
Need help with branding, marketing , social media
Or have an Idea you want to get out to the market?
I am offering special VIP Business Building Days.

What is a VIP Day?
You come to me and we work one on one
on your business
and fast track your ideas.

This is the way I train my Kick Start
Franchisee working one and one on their businesses.
Myself and My social media marketing manager can share our
expertise which will make a huge impact on
your business.
Interested ?

I’ll be opening up the VIP DAY Dates tomorrow
16th September for all of the information
and the available slots so keep you eyes peeled tomorrow.

Email me ASAP
for an application form


My Weekly Blog Round Up
Read about how Fitness Professional Michelle from Redditch has added 1 kick Start Class
and netted an additional £4750 in income click here
Book onto the brand new Fitness Pilates Orthopaedic Conditions
click here

Setting up a Community class for Seniors 65 + Classes

There has never been a better time to set up a new ETM /Keep Fit class for older adults in your area. Good Specialised classes for older adults are few and far between, so here are my top tips for set up and marketing.

1. Choose your venue carefully – It needs to be accessible, on a bus route, good parking, easy to find and it needs to be warm in the winter.

2. Decide on a time slot – Mornings or afternoons can be good, but remember many older adults still work part time or look after grand children and so evening would also work well.

3. Price – Decide whether you are going to offer concessions or have a 1 price policy. Many baby boomers in our society are the most affluent group but older adults do budget carefully whatever their income.

4. Name your class carefully – There are loads of ideas for class names on the forum. Many instructors advertises the class for anyone who wants a more gentle workout: Nice N Easy, Light N Low, Recycled Teenagers, Super Seniors, Prime Time, Active Seniors, Anti aging workout, Keep Fit, Simply Fit, Easy Does It, Young at Heart, Mature Movers, Activeage are some ideas you may want to try.

5. Advertise carefully – pictures of bright young things in skimpy gym stuff can be a major turn off. Use pictures and logos that reflect who you are trying to attract. Describe exactly who the class is aimed at.

6. Remember, we all know tons of 65 year olds who are stronger, fitter and more agile than those in their 20’s but you may get adults that have joint problems, be very unfit, lacking in strength, stamina and coordination, so offering loads of levels and options is an absolute must.

7. Include social time. For many older adults social time is as important as the class itself, so make sure you build in some time after the session for a drink and chat. Ensure the group bonds and makes friends and this will ensure your class members will keep coming back week after week.

8. Class content. Include a thorough joint warm up/pulse raise. A low or mixed/moderate impact cardio section, strength section, flexibility and relaxation. Us props like bands, weights, balls, hoops etc for variety.

9. Music is the key! Choose from Motown, 70’s, 80’s, Classics, Swing, Jazz, Singalong pop tunes.

10. Seated doesn’t have to be easy. Try making up a cardio workout whilst seated. You can do seated jacks, lunges, side taps, arm lines, knee lifts. I have just filmed some seated cardio workouts that are really fun to do and teach and they will be online next week.

11. Promote your classes to W.I and other woman’s business groups. Use google to find organisations in your area or pop into the local library. Offer to do talks and lectures to groups.
Keeping your Fitness Pilates clients coming back
for more and more – by Kelly Reed-Banks

Good morning C2GOers!!

I hope you are all ready to go now September is upon us!!

Today I wanted to give you my top 5 tips at keeping your Fitness Pilates clients coming back for more and more.

I know I am lucky to deliver such an awesome product created by the legend that it Miss Holmes in the fact that Fitness Pilates is ever evolving and also I am lucky enough to play a role in that development with delivering the FP certification course over the last 5 years and the level 3 mat work Pilates qualification over the last 4 years. However, my clients are very demanding and this is probably my own fault as I regularly update my choreography, always try to deliver to a very high standard and promise them new and exciting ways of achieving their goals. I am also in a very competitive market where we have another 3 Pilates instructors delivering classes to a high standard in my village where I run Burwell fitness. So I have to keep ahead of the game to keep my clients coming back for more and more.

So here are my best 5 tips for you to do the same!

#1 – Constant Contact!!! – I know the amazing Jayne Nicholls talks about this a lot and uses it as one of her catch phrases but it’s true! The more contact you have with your participants the more they will keep coming back! I know we say this soooo much but I can’t emphasise it enough about having everyone on your mailing list – you MUST contact them on a regular basis! Even if it’s just to give them your health tip of the week or updates on your weekly classes. It will keep you in their mind and they will be thinking of you when they need to get their Fitness Pilates fix and not anyone else!!

#2 – Ask for feedback!!! – This might be the scariest thing you do, but it will improve your teaching MASSIVELY!! Ask them what they enjoy, what they find challenging, which exercises they dislike and why? What they want more/less of in the class. This makes them feel special, that you are tailoring your class to their needs and opinions. Sometimes we hear things we don’t like – that happened to all of us but constructive feedback really will improve you as an instructor, your participants will enjoy your classes more as they know you have listened to them and also will stand you above the rest who don’t bother to ask for feedback!

#3 – Mix it up!! – and I’m talking about warm ups, cool downs, using different equipment, your music – EVERYTHING!! Don’t let your classes fall into becoming the same every week. People don’t like too much change but soon get bored easily so there is a fine line you need to keep in making your classes fresh. I suggest adding just 1 change every week. – it might be your music, it might be that you change the area of the body you start your warm up on or you do a different piece of equipment each week for 4 weeks and then rotate it! Whatever you do, keep your classes fresh by drip feeding some new changes from week to week!

#4 – Run a special course or 1 off Master class from time to time!! – this will cater for those participants who want to know more, who like special attention and are willing to take their Fitness Pilates training to another level. Charge it at a little more money like £10 for the master class or £25 – £30 or the 4 week course. You could run a 2 hour Master Class on a Saturday afternoon all about back care, giving specific exercises to help strengthen the back or help improve mobility. You could run a 4 week focus course where you focus the whole class on a specific area of the body each week like week 1 – shoulders and upper back, week 2 – hips etc – These are so popular with my participants and anyone who came on my last Fitness Pilates Focus tour will know exactly what I am talking about!!

#5 – Talk to your group throughout the class!!! – Don’t talk at them, ask them questions – how does it feel? Can you feel it? where can you feel it? So many instructors I see on a daily basis have no real interaction with their group and this makes your classes really one sided. Interaction is a great way of making your participants feel at ease, feel like they are not the only one feeling this way! Yes you will always have people who wont talk back but I’m sure in your groups there will be people who will always make up for it!

I really hope that has been helpful and please feel free to drop me a line with any questions or feedback – Kelly@choreographytogo.com
Much Love Kelly xx
Kelly Reed-Banks
Jo De Rosa

I had an email from someone who receives my Daily Motivation blog over the weekend and he sent me a quote which I’d like to share with you, author unknown.

It captures exactly how I feel about alcohol and also what I have witnessed in both myself and others. We are towards the end of our monthly five day residential QS retreat and it is exactly the following that we have been tackling; to remove the conditioning around our addiction to a poison….

Memories Of Alcohol
“I drank for happiness and became unhappy.
I drank for joy and became miserable.
I drank for sociability and became argumentative.
I drank for sophistication and became obnoxious.
I drank for friendship and made enemies.
I drank for sleep and wok up tired.
I drink for strength and felt weak.
I drank for relaxation and got the shakes.
I drank for courage and became afraid.
I drank for confidence and became doubtful.
I drank to make conversation easier and slurred my speech.
I drank to feel heavenly and ended up feeling like hell.”
It’s no wonder we are playing out these stories because in every card shop, at every wedding, on each birthday there is a societal expectation to celebrate with a drink; to commiserate with a drink (how can one substance have the opposite effect?). How can it give us energy so that we are the life and soul of the party AND relax us?
It cannot do both of these things. We are being lied to, just like the cigarette companies did a few decades ago and look how the world has now opened up to that now. We are now witnessing the same awakening around sugar; at last we are hearing the truth more and more; sugar kills and makes you fat.
Next it will be alcohol.

Eyes wide open to the fact that it KILLS and takes away.
It gives you NOTHING in return yet promises to give you much.
Which fabricated story are YOU running?
It relaxes me
It gives me confidence
It helps me to sleep
It keeps me awake
I can’t have fun without it
Now take away the story and believe what I am about to say:

Once again during the QS retreat this pattern is coming up; a feeling of not being enough. And whether it’s something that we’ve picked up on from our parents, our friends, the media or our partner it is like we become glued to the past. Stuck to an old pattern unwilling to move forwards and evolve, this belief will quite literally hold you back from not just sobriety but success in all areas of your life.

It is the one element that I see time and time again and it quite literally is like a lead weight around your feet in the middle of the ocean: you are not going to get anywhere.

So the answer is to reach down and cut away the cords that are attached to the load holding you down, so that you can set yourself free and create the life of your dreams; that is what we will be doing today on retreat. We’ve gone back and got the ‘why’, and worked on creating the ‘what now’ but right now today it’s about switching things up and making the decision that whatever happened to you in the past, whether that be loss, abuse or simply the arrival of a younger sibling which completely changed the equilibrium of your world, is no longer going to define you.
Right now you can do that.
Make the decision.
Choose a different reality.
Make today different.

The day you realise that you are as worthy as me or anyone else.
The day you understand that WE ALL have a backpack of baggage we carry around which holds us under the surface; never to truly live our potential.
The day you take off the burden and realise that it no longer has to be your story; that in fact you can rewrite the script anytime you want:
Right now you can do that.
Make the decision.
Choose a different reality.
Make today different.

What are you waiting for?
Why are you living in the past?
Why not come and join me in the world of unlimited potential, a life that is literally WAITING for you to shift your mindset so that you can live your dreams.
Success, sobriety, love: abundance in all categories; all waiting for you to collect, believe and live.
Make TODAY that day….



Love Rachel xxx

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