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Are You Ready To Launch Your Passion Project ?

Jenny and I have just concluded our first “Launch Your Passion Project Course earlier this year
and the girls who joined us have now LAUNCHED
their passion projects 🙂

Are you ready to launch Your Passion Project?

Do You Have an Awesome Women’s


Product or Offering

That You’re Struggling to Launch?

Introducing This UNIQUE 6 Month


Who is this programme for?

Those who aren’t afraid to roll up their sleeves day in, day out……
Those who KNOW that nothing gets done without investing in your education, wellbeing, and your business.
Those who know that Rome wasn’t built in a day and that brave, small or large consistent efforts is what it’s all about.
Those who are their own person, and extremely focussed.
Those who have a great idea viable and lucrative idea but simply need the guidance on technical issues, social media and getting it out the door!
Those who don’t quit!….you might get down, but then for sure you get up again.
Those who are more than willing to do what it takes to make their dreams come true.
Those who don’t need a business ‘back rub’ but need clear direction and information to cut out time wasting and frustrating and just get stuff DONE!

Is this you?

There are 6 Modules with clear video and presentation content with CLEAR ACTION STEPS for each Module.
You can start ANYTIME.
You have lifetime access to the content.
Module 1: Preparing For The Work To Come + Truly Defining Your Customer Avatar

Creating and maintaining a ‘workers’ mindset – Key strategies for daily physical and mental energy management.
Getting clear on what you WANT versus HOW MUCH TIME YOU ACTUALLY HAVE to what’s required to make your dreams come true.
Daily organisation to ensure your focus and productivity.
Nailing down your Product(s)/Offering(s).
Deciding your position in the market.
Deciding on your delivery medium – Live, On-Line, Blended/Multi-Platform
Identifying and locating your ideal client(s) and how you can help them on and off-line.
Creating your very own ‘Purple Cow’.
The ‘Big Rocks’ of Product Creation.
Module 2: Reach Your Audience and Build Your Tribe – Social Media, Website, Community Outreaching, Connecting

Choosing your Newsletter/Communication platforms
Website Data capture
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pintrest, Periscope….choosing the right platform(s) for your business and your communication style.
Creating Systems that SAVE TIME!
Hiring Help and Outsourcing.
Module 3: Master the Technology – Filming, Membership Sites, Email Automation….

Cameras – modes of recording/filming
Video editing (literally tutorials on taking a film from the SD card and creating a film and uploading to YouTube/Vimeo – step by step for both Movie Maker and IMovie)
Membership site platforms
Content security
Creating DVD’s
Hardcopy printing of client booklets and manuals
Module 4: Launch – Ship – Wow The Customer!

Building a BUZZ about your launch.
Hitting GO!
Creating an outstanding customer experience.
Module 5: Post Launch Analysis + Hacking

‘Retreating to Go Forward’ – Taking time to actively rest + congratulate yourself for a ‘job done well’
Processing feedback + fine-tuning initial information.
The ‘fix it fast’ mindset and developing ‘bounce’ from any setback of launch negatives.
Module 6: Rinse and Repeat – How To Keep Your Product Earning and Growing

Keys to having a long-life, success product.
Perpetual promotion/marketing that isn’t annoying.
‘Feeding’ + serving your tribe + staying omnipresent.

As all of the content is ready and LIVE, you access it all immediately. There is no Facebook group or mentoring you work through the content at your own pace without the daily input from Rachel & Jenny.

Click here to Book and start working right away.

Love Rachel xxxxxxxx

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