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C2GO Newsletter 9th September 2017

Hi here are our C2GO Updates!

This week we have launched the 3rd Lift Lean and the team are looking fantastic. We also saw the last column in the fitpro magazine from Jayne Nicholls.

Personally, I think this marks the end of an era. Jayne always writes from the heart, never sits on the fence, is always honest and polarising which is always refreshing in our industry.
But as Fitpro go in a different direction away from group X it’s time for Jayne to move onto pastures new.
I have so much to share with you this week so here we go….

This week I released the vlog from my wardrobe clear out with Cleo Lacey of Demi Couture, I can’t believe she got through so much and with a smile on her face the whole way!

Watch the blog to the end to hear her top tips for wardrobe maintenance and don’t forget to give her a follow @demimcouturestylist

WATCH IT HERE I had so many comments from this video and my instastories .No could believes I am the ultimate clothes horder and never throw anythign away …. until now. I hope it makes you laugh 🙂  Cleo comes back to me in October and then we have an epic shopping trip planned shopping for a new wardrobe and a very special christening.

I have been sharing with you the my step classes of the the last few weeks with fantastic feedback so here is my latest WATCH IT HERE

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