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A brand new mums and tots class concept was launched today in Lincoln

A brand new mums and tots class concept was launched today in Lincoln at the Movement Academy with Sarah Hogan.

The Fitness Pilates Mums and Tots Exercise class is for mums and toddlers doing Fitness Pilates together in one 45 minute session.

The class was designed by Fitness Pilates creator Rachel Holmes.

“ Although there are lots of mums and babies movement, dance, Yoga and music classes there are very few that are Pilates based” says Rachel who is one of the worlds leading Fitness and Wellness educators and presenters.

“After about 12 months when toddlers are mobile they are into EVERYTHING and many are not at nursery it can be a difficult time for mums to get childcare and get time to nip to a fitness class, so I spotted a real gap in the market, so thought why not create a Fitness Pilates specifically for mum and toddlers to do together” The class is set to chill out Ibiza style music and works on core strength, pelvic floor fitness, standing, moving, and lying exercises that mum can do with her toddler.

Rachel created the Fitness Pilates brand 15 years ago and has trained over 3000 Instructors all over the UK.

“Fitness Pilates is a progressive, forward thinking style of Pilates that encompasses functional movement alongside traditional Pilates techniques”

Rachel has presented Fitness Pilates all over the globe and the world leading fitness conventions and is excited to be pioneering the new Fitness Pilates For Mums and Tots Concept.

“Sarah is a wonderful teacher as she is fitness trained, Pilates trained and has a successful Dance School so is the perfect Instructor for the class”

To join Sarah’s classes check out the https://sarahhoganmovementacademy.com/

For Fitness Pilates teacher training contact Rachel@KSFLGROUP.com

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