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C2GO Newsletter 5th October 2017

Happy Thursday!

Free Facebook Groups are all the rage right now as they are an AMAZING way to get tips, info, class ideas, network just like the old C2GO Forum from back in the day.

The Fitness Pilates group is Buzzing for all the FP’ers and lots of news about the very first Fitness Pilates Mums and Tots class we are currently trialing.

If you have done FP – Come and join us here is the link for the FP group


And here is my private Kick Start Wellness group.


This is a brilliant accountability group, full of tips, foodie updates,  exclusive workouts, and motivational updates.


I have designed the course, the videos and the class concept and Sarah Hogan of The Movement Academy in Lincoln launched today with fabulous feedback.

The Fitness Pilates Mums and Tots Exercise class is for mums and toddlers doing Fitness Pilates together in one 45 minute session.

Although there are lots of mums and babies movement, dance, Yoga and music classes there are very few that are Pilates based and I saw a real gap in the market for a class like this.

After 12 – 18 months old when toddlers are mobile they are into EVERYTHING and many are not at nursery and it can be a difficult time for mums to get childcare and get time to nip to a fitness class, so I spotted a gap in the market, and thought why not create a Fitness Pilates specifically for mum and toddlers to do together

The class is set to my Pure Energy Chill Out and works on core strength, pelvic floor fitness, standing, moving, and lying exercises that mum can do with her toddler.

After launching today we have a lot of inquiries, which is brilliant and I’m looking forward to expanding the concept and rolling it out in November.

Choreography Videos and Class Content Ideas
For Fast Inspiration

HiLO 6 https://youtu.be/mtmBt5ymLvk

Step 6 https://youtu.be/sGzOwURf7Bo

Barbell Workout https://youtu.be/I67E6ekBtsg

Barefoot Supersculpt Workout https://youtu.be/Abz5gNT_v98

We go to IBIZA next week for Yogafit event – Still thinking about it?
Come on…come with us…..it’s amazing 🙂 

Become a Fitness Pilates Health Coach click here for details 

Have a cracking day!

Love Rachel xxxx

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