WOW what another week goes by. 

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I’m writing this from sunny Fuertueventura where Logan and I are teaching on Fitness Week and it’s been brilliant, great to get some sun and enjoy wonderful

experiences together. 🙂


Its a quick newsletter today as the wifi is not that great

and keeps timing out on me….but id love your feedback via the

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Are You MISSING All of the 65 plus People who ARE



This keeps popping up over and over again.


**Facebook And Instagram Adverts

Are you wondering about Facebook adverts & if you should

jump in and  utilise FB Adverts for your fitness business?

The answer is YES 

FB Ads are AN AMAZING way to drive traffic to your

live classes & services.

In fact they work SO WELL to drive new leads & business

once you understand the “knack” of how to do it.

You will need to do

some tweaking & testing before you create

THE perfect ad, but once you understand the nuts & bolts of it, you will be all set to really reap the benefits.

Facebook does so much now for you with its Smart Targeting and it no where near as difficult as it used to be.


Be prepared to spend £5 – £10 a day tweaking your ads.

The key as well is to keep growing your EMAIL list on a daily basis adding new emails to your list and sending out valuable content to your fans & customers.

A great question that came up in one of my groups was about older people NOT being n Facebook.

BUT So many ARE- instead of thinking about who isn’t.


Focus on WHO IS.

Drive and target your Facebook adverts at the 65 + /Retired


Because (like my mum who is 74 and goes to local classes) they scroll SLOWLY through the news feed and read EVERYTHING.


Unlike 45 year old women who speed through the newsfeed

and miss your adverts.



Before you say…


“Older Adults are not on Facebook”


Try some ads, test, target – ask you current friends on Facebook

to share with their parents.


Its actually easier to market to this age group. You just have to try, target and test.


Ideas To Attract 65 +


ASK and POST – Your looking for 20 x 65 + ladies to join your

new daytime Fitness Pilates class – ask your members to share with parents/friends.


Test and create your Adverts – DO IT and have a go.


Change your mindset – don’t buy into the “oder people are not on

Facebook in my area”…



***A lot are – enough to fill your classes thats for sure***


You just have to target them properly.


2018 is the year of the fitness specialist.


Go and find these niche markets.


Offer what the big box gyms don’t.


Leave me your feedback on the C2go Facebook page


Love Rachel xxx

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