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How are you? I hope you had a wonderful Valentines but I bet many of you were teaching as normal 🙂  

This week I relaunched the podcast 🙌AGAIN. For the 3rd time and I need you to keep me accountable with it.

Hear why I am so MAD with myself for procrastinating and not going for it and why I spent almost a year deliberating, and not moving forward.

I also talk about becoming a mum at 47 and how this changed everything in my fitness business.

It’s only a short episode and to give you an insight into the new directions I am going to take  with the podcast 🙂 Vol 3

If you are SITTING on any kind of idea and not moving forward LISTEN to this and let me motivate you to take action and not let exciting opportunities pass you by.

This is Episode 100 and I have some great guests and show ideas coming up.

Here are my latest choreography and class content ideas.

Creative Step Reto Fit 18 Click here

20 Crunchless Core Exercises Click here


Music Selection of the week has to be this mix from Pure Energy We LOVE the 00’s.

It is SOOOOOOOO good – Check it out here 


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