Happy International Womens Day!

What a great day it is – Look out for great articles and # all over social media today celebrating WOMEN

Top Music – I loved putting this mix together with Pure Energy- It’s my Ultimate Mix Tape (but it’s not a tape obvs) Hope you enjoy it as much as I do

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The Power of a Positive NO! 

By Jenny Burrell www.burrelleducation.com

I was trawling through my archives I found this brilliant article from my good friend Jenny Burrell
and thought YES we need this in the newsletter.

These two letters give so many people so many problems….here are some thoughts on the Power of No!

1:If you say YES when you mean NO, eventually it will bite you!  You WILL eventually have to say that NO.

2:Saying NO to others usually means saying YES to what you want and it’s OK to want what you want because that’s what the other person wants….they want what they want.  Get it?

3:Say no with a smile…..try ‘Oh gosh NO I can’t at the moment (smile), my diary is mad busy – how about next month?’

4:Pass it over to someone else….try ‘No, I can’t help, but………I think I know someone else who can’ (smile).

5:Realise that some people have poor boundaries and they think that what they want from you is their right – WRONG!  You are serving the world when you put them straight, LOL!

6:Realise that most people can and should figure it out for themselves as that’s how you learn best…..again, you are serving the world when you help them out with that one.

7:Realise that if you say YES because you fear people disliking you…..guess what…..people will still dislike you – FACT!  They will find something else that displeases them.  So saying YES isn’t a guaranteed way to make people like you.

8:Learn to LOVE NO!  No to others (try to do this without malice/resentment) is YES to what feels right for you and your life and that key concept should NEVER be sacrificed.  Run your own life, do what suits you best and when it doesn’t suit others, don’t take it personally that they get upset with you, we all want what we want……

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Kicking Your A**

Yep, I did it in my Fitness Pilates Group this week I kicked it with all of the people who have purchased online courses with us and have not completed.
There is little point in buying a great course and then being too busy to complete.
The great news is that as a result of my post we had loads of people complete things yesterday which is WONDERFUL.

So dig in my friends. Let’s get busy and complete.

This went CRAZY yesterday and the most popular programme is the 28 day Womens Wellness Programme and the 28 Day Fitness Pilates For Health Programme.

Grab yours before I take them down.

Only £10 for the full programmes including meal plans, workouts, day to day Instructions.

Go to the ONLINE WEIGHTLOSS SHOP and search all of the sale items.
Grab them as we are updating the website and these programmes will be taken down very soon.

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