C2GO Newsletter 12 April 

First thing this week is PURE ENERGY have an amazing sale on over their entire catalogue so if you are looking for some new tunes for your post Easter classes  head over as all mixes and downloads have 50% discount.

Do you download your music from PE?

It’s really straightforward to do. I have an old laptop that I am slowly downloading all of my music onto and having one device with everything on that I can take around with me.  You could use an ipod and old phone, tablet or laptop and keep all your music in one place digitally. (Although I do still LOVE a CD!)

Which do you use – Digital or CD?

Have you ever wanted to find out about if  Life Coaching is for you?

I have always been intrigued about Life Coaching and it’s benefits and this week I got to interview Corinne Worsley – A life coach specialising in helping professional women. Corinne was wonderful to talk to and explained exactly how it works and the benefits of having a Life Coach. It’s a great interview and she has tons of great tips to help you.

You can listen to the podcast via itunes – search Rachel Holmes Podcast

Click here to listen 


Do You teach Freestyle Step or Aerobics?

Over on my Insta I have built a bit of a cult following up with people from around the world tuning in to see my weekly Step and Hilo classes. Last June I pledged to film all of my weekly classes and put them on my Insta account. It’s also inspired many Fitpros to start teaching STEP again.

Lynne Joiner was inspired to Step again and now has a packed weekly class. Have a look and comment @RachelLHolmes.


EXCITING NEWS- Buggy Beat Training is launching today for the first 30 Instructors

Click here for details

Have a wonderful Thursday


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