Welcome to the Fitness Pilates Newsletter 2 16th April 2018

How are you? 

Thanks for all of the great feedback in the FP group and via messages regarding last weeks newsletter it’s great to hear from you all! We really want to feature as many FP Teachers as possible in our social media – Facebook and Instagram @Fitnesspilates1 so please keep uploading your pictures and videos so we can share them with the world.

Do you teach Fitness Pilates for Men?

We would love to do a feature on this so please tag me and my assistant, Lauren in the FP group and we can feature you.

Are you in the FB group?

Jump in if not https://www.facebook.com/groups/1139576346076922/

Are You In The North?

Do you want to gain your  LEVEL 3 PILATES?

We are doing an inhouse Level 3 Pilates on the 8 – 10th JUNE in LEEDS and we have got 2 extra spaces.

The venue is Holt Park Active, Holtdale Approach, Leeds LS16 7RX

If you are north based and don’t want to travel to London or Manchester this will be the ONLY course we run in that part of the country.

Click here to book Level 3


Pure Energy have an amazing 50% discount sale on so you can stock up on all of your wonderful music – Mind Body 18/19/20/21 are all firm favourites.

Mind Body Fusion is just beautiful plus there is some fab PPL free music. Have you tried my Fitness Pilates HIIT music?

Its 1-minute intervals and quite a fun class for a change.

Here is a 24 minute real time FP Boutique workout – I use bands for variety. ENJOY 🙂 

Fitness Pilates Boutique With Bands Full 24 Minute Workout

I Launched Buggy Beat™ On Friday and where BUGGY BEAT differs from other Buggy programmes is an extensive business building, social media, branding and PR module and a nutrition, weight loss, and wellness module plus Buggy Beat is aimed at ALL parents and guardians, not just postnatal mums.

Parenting in 2018 is inclusive – grandparents play a big role in many little ones early years and I want to include them in all the parent and baby classes I offer going forward. It’s a very complimentary class to your FP sessions – CLICK HERE for details.

Are any of your clients struggling with Peri Menopause/Menopause/Postmenopause?

Fitness Pilates can be HUGELY beneficial in terms of stress reduction, general exercise, wellbeing, mental health and can impact clients in such a positive way.

If this is a direction  you are interested in and would like to offer help to your clients have a look at my Kick Start Prime online programme click here 

I see our roles develop into so much more than “just” a group exercise teacher but delivering health, wellness and wellbeing programmes that impact our clients so deeply.

The internet and social media allows us to create programmes around our live weekly classes offering much more value and help…… don’t think you are a technophobe YOU can work this out and create profitable, sustainable and highly successful FP programmes Live and Online without having to teach more physically.

It’s exciting times.

Happy Monday

Love Rachel x

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