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Fitness Pilates Newsletter 3

Welcome to Fitness Pilates Newsletter 3 Sunday 22 April 2018

Today’s newsletter has 2 videos for ideas and inspiration.

Keeping your FP classes fresh by adding in differnt moves and sequences is always a great way of getting the best results for your clients.

Class Ideas

1: Have a weekly focus exercise e.g Shoulder Bridge so you spend 15minutes working on a particular exercise, offering variations and lots of options.

2: Posterior Chain Exercises – It’s crucial to strengthen the posterior chain for muscular balance, posture enhancement and pain management.  Choose exercises for the posterior delts, lower traps, glutes, hamstrings,

3: Introduce a deeper stretch section. Spend longer at the end of class with a foam roller or tennis ball or even use a towel for a deeper stretch segment.

I personally don’t think you have to change everything every week but adding in variations and themes from week to week ensures your clients get a fantastic class and great results.

Music Ideas

PPL Free From Pure Energy

Probeats 3 Pilates Click here It’s an instrumental mellow vibe


Tennis Ball Fitness Pilates

Here is a real-time Fitness Pilates video using Tennis Balls. It’s a great video for ideas on foot and ankle mobilisation – Let me know what you think and if these videos are helpful and inspiring 🙂

Fitness Pilates With Tennis Balls

Fitness Pilates Meditation

Course Updates

Level 3 Dates – Bursary still available Click here 

Top Selling Courses this week – Fitness Pilates Mums and Tots click here.

Teach Buggy Beat – HUGE opportunity  Click here to get the introductory offer

It’s exciting times.

Happy Sunday

Love Rachel x

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