Good Morning  C2GO Newsletter 17th May 2018

I’ve popped in a few choreography videos for you all today – do let me know what you think – for fast and easy inspiration….. A Buggy Beat news video, a Super Senior chorography vid and one for the old skool steppers – a basic Power video. I’d love to know what you all are teaching these days?

I will do a quick poll on the Choreographytogo Facebook Page and my Instagram and if you get chance let me know. be great to see what you are all doing these days.

This week we are planning sessions for the Big One North event and a new class concept idea that myself Jayne and Ceri Hannon will present at BON and IFS2019.

Buggy Beat and Buggy Beat Trainer Andrea Riddoch was featured on last nights BBC News. I am amazed at how fast this programme is growing – It’s been incredible – Click here to watch the news. 

To become a Buggy Beat Instructor Click here  follow the Buggy Beat gang on and Insta @buggyBeat1

Buggy Beat and Buggy Beat Trainer Andrea Riddoch was featured on last nights BBC News. We are over the moon, I cant beleive how fast this programme has grown  over the last few weeks.

Super Seniors Choreography Ideas – Enjoy 🙂 

Basic Power Step Routine – 1 minute Step Inspiration I add loads of Step and Hilo #retrofit choreography to my Instagram so check it out for daily inspo. @RachelLholmes

Basic Power Step Choreography

The 21 Day Lift Lean/Fitness Pilates and 5:2 Weightloss group finished this weekend with cracking results – not just in the weightloss and inchloss department but positivity, focus, goal setting, and productivity. I’ve totally revamped and updated the Kick Start nutrition and couple that with the weight training home workouts, Fitness Pilates and daily coaching via Facebook live this has been one of the most successful programmes and the group enjoyed it so much they wanted to keep going for another week! It really is a full 21-day coaching experience. The next group begins Monday21st Click here for details  Its life changing.

Have a great THURSDAY

Love Rachel xxx


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