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Specialist Focus – Shoulders and Hips with Kelly Reed-Banks

This is an exert from The Shoulder and Hip Focus session Kelly presented at the FP Summit 2017.

****This week why not have a Shoulder and Hip Focus Theme running through your classes?*****

This session is designed for participants who want to strengthen the shoulders, they have no injuries or conditions which prevent them from exercising effectively but want to focus on increasing muscle strength & flexibility in these areas.

The Hip section is about trying to understand the Psoas & Quadratus Lumborum muscles – Their role’s and how to keep it them flexible and functioning correctly.

Shoulder release

Shoulder tri-plane release Reach R arm forward, side , thread – change side
Tri – plane thread like a needle – forward, centre, back, reach to celling then change side

Repeat both sections 4-8 times and then hold in each position of the Tri-plane thread like a needle

Shoulder strength work – For Serratus Anterior & Lower Trapezius

Against the wall in plank position, cue to push against the wall as in Plank on the floor, brace the abdominals and have 1 leg in towards wall to help bring back in to neutral as you move.

Come out to a V and back into plank


It is attached to the top of your femur and then to the Lumbar vertebra

It is responsible for hip flexion and extension & lateral flexion

It becomes tight and then people may experience a clicking or popping of the hip where the Psoas & QL are pulling against each other – working antagonistically so in order to stop that popping or clicking you need to release the Psoas.

The best way to release it is with Hip extension & Lateral flexion

Mobility & Stretch to use in Warm up

Laterally step to side with both feet facing forward – no rotation through feet, knees, hip or back as you step

Then turn into Hurdler stretch, pushing hip forward and down – add in lateral bend away from Psoas you are stretching

Repeat to other side

Quadratus Lumborum

Attaches to the 12 rib, pelvis and lumbar vertebrae

Gets tight if you sleep on your side with the top hip hitched, or if you sit more on one side eg lean or sit crossed legged – again with a hip hitch

Do not try to Foam Roll it – you need to work on the soft tissue quality in between the origin and insertion with a trigger point ball.

Mobility & Stretch to use at end of class

90/90 stretch seated – front leg at 90 and back leg at 90 degrees – drive leg down and back

Lean over and forward
Then come into mermaid release

As above but then lift hands off wall – try not to squeeze scapular but instead lengthen and lift – focus on scapular moving out

Plank against wall with loop band around forearms and walk up wall Plank against wall with loop band and rotate arm out

Create the same as first move against wall in shell pose position with head down and moves arms out into a V and then lift 1 hand and then other

Hip & QL Release

Right foot over Left knee – push knee away – drop knee to floor as far as you can, then drop foot to floor on other side, bring knee into chest with feet in same position, then come up to shoulder bridge with feet in same position.

Repeat 4-8 times then swap sides

Pull Right knee in tight, move knee across chest slowly, then release down and round in a circle repeat 8x then change legs.

****Any questions on the above?  Tag Kelly or myself in the FP group.

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