Do you want to create your business online? ✅

Are you struggling with time management to get everything you want to do in your day? ✅

How easy it is to start the day scrolling, reading, looking at emails, answering comments and messages and getting side tracked with everything on social media before you actually sit down to create your own “stuff”?!

This is a SURE FIRE WAY to never get your own “stuff” out there.

You can fool yourself by thinking….”Oh it motivates me to see what/who is doing”

“I like to start the day gently, getting into my stride”


BIGGEST TIP of  the day… if you are building a company, business or brand CREATE your own stuff FIRST:

✅Write the blog.

✅Film the video.

✅Record The podcast.

✅Finalise Your Design.

✅Brainstorm your idea.

✅Be creative.


THEN and ONLY THEN….. when you have gone as far as you can……maybe….consume other peoples content.


Getting sucked into consuming other peoples content before you have created your own leaves you less time to do what really will drive your idea, business, service and brand.


You will just keep spinning the ” I haven’t got enough time” mantra, over and over again

That is my TOP TIP TODAY…go and create NOW!


Are you consuming too much and not creating enough?


Let me know,  Rachel Xxxx


If you are struggling to generate the amount of content required and you want to offer weightloss and wellness online for your clients then let me help you. I have done all of the hard work. You can just build your brand around the Kick Start Programmes and I’ll help you.

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