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Hello ls Welcome To The C2GO Instructor Newsletter 6th December  2018

Here is your weekly episode of inspiration, class content ideas and business building for Group Exercise teachers everywhere.

This weeks class content video is from Fitness Pilates and its the Spiky Ball Trigger Point Workout – I usually only send out Fitness Pilates info in the FP newsletter on a Sunday so if you would like to see more sign up for the FP weekly CLICK HERE

How Do You Get To Teach Abroad


I’ve  just got back from teaching in Playitas in Fuerteventura for Aerobic Weekends of Sweden and over on Instagram  I’ve had lots of messages about teaching overseas and how do you get into doing it.

There are literally thousands and thousands of hotel, resorts, spas, and facilities all over the world that offer health and fitness classes and workshops.

This is a massive growth area for the hospitality industry which is hugely competitive. Many hotels are looking for Group Exercise Instructors to guest teach and offer workshops, talks and sessions to their guests in return for a free holiday and flight to the resort PLUS domestic hotels, resorts and spas are also looking for guest teachers.

Do you fancy it?

And if so Where Do You Start?


1: Directly Contact Hotels and Resorts Around The World.

This is the bit very few people will actually do and is the most likely way you will get a gig like this.

Make a list of 500 hotels and resorts you would like to go to and a list of the classes and workshops you could offer to that client group/demographic of each hotel.

Then Instagram DM/ Tweet them or Facebook message their main page with how your services can benefit their guests. Its all about the VALUE YOU can provide to their guests.

Study the type of customers the hotel attracts and tailor your offerings to that group.

If you message 500 I would say you would get a few positive YESSES!

To be honest very few people will put in the work it takes to get the first gig BUT if you really want to do it. DO IT. Once you get one gig and promote it on your social media more people will see what you do and contact you directly and more gig offers will come in.


2: Contact Businesses  That Run Fitness Holidays And Events.

Have clips of you teaching on your social media, list details of your experience and offerings and contact the individual event organisers.

Many event companies will have a team of Instructors they use regularly but if you teach something new and innovative you never know you may get a YES.


3: Organise Your Own Event.

Have you a loyal following?

Organise your own – a weekend/ a week whatever you want to start with.  Plan your event and promote on social media and in your classes.


Its such a rewarding part of my life as I love to travel and meet new people and I highly recommend it.

GOOD LUCK and  let me know how you get on.

Love Rachel x



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