I’m currently teaching in Playitas in Fuerteventura and over on Instagram  I’ve had lots of messages about teaching overseas and how do you get into doing it.

There are literally thousands and thousands of hotel, resorts, spas, and facilities all over the world that offer health and fitness classes and workshops.

This is a massive growth area for the hospitality industry which is hugely competitive.

1: Direct Contact Hotels and Resorts Around The World.

I would make a list off 500 or so hotels or resorts you would like to deliver sessions at then create a list of the classes and workshops you could offer to that client group/demographic.

Then Instagram DM/ Tweet them or Facebook message their main page with how your services can benefit their guests.

Study the type of guests that attract and tailor your offerings to that group.

If you message 500 I would say you would get a few positive YESSES!


2: Contact Business That Run Fitness Holidays.

Have clips of you teaching on your social media, list details of your experience and offerings and contact the individual event organisers.

Many event companies will have a team of Instructors they use regularly but if you teach something new and innovative you never know you may get a YES.


3: Organise Your Own Event.

Have you a loyal following? Organise your own – a weekend/ a week whatever you want to start with. plan your event and promote on social media and in your classes.


GOOD Luck let me know how you get on.



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