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I’ve posted another spiky ball workout for you above as I had so much positive feedback from last weeks and this is something you can easily add into your conditioning classes it’s not just for Pilates everyone can benefit.

Physios have been using spiky balls for years and they are a fantastic way to prepare the body for a workout  ( Are you interested in teaching Pilates – Join my weekly Fitness Pilates Newsletter for weekly videos and tips)  CLICK HERE




Have you thought about teaching something new in 2019?

If you are community-based and struggling to offer a class with equipment why don’t you get your clients to purchase and bring their own? 

Personal hygiene is critical and many people don’t want to be lying on mats and sitting on balls that hundreds of people have done previously without sanitizing them.

You only need to purchase a few of everything as spares and everyone else brings their own. This makes it so much easier for you to include online workouts for clients to do at home inbetween live classes as they have their own kit.

 It’s a win/ win.

You don’t have a storage problem, A ruining your car problem, carrying weights into a venue problem or a cost problem and you are able to compete with gyms, leisure centers who often DON’T have very good equipment anyway. 🙂 

Problems All Solved.

Encourage clients to put spiky balls, weights & Kettlebells on their Christmas list!

Lift Lean™ Instructor Training


Are you looking or something new to teach in 2019? 

I created Lift Lean ™ 2 years ago and have been extensively testing the workouts online and Live with masterclasses at IFS Blackpool and  Wellness + Workout events around the UK and it’s been going down a storm.

So, this is a new style of Instructor Training & Education and I’ll tell you why…………..

 Firstly the training is all online.

There is a flat fee for the training and then that’s it.

No monthly costs, no hidden extras, no reoccurring payment and you get to use all of the brandings, graphics, promotional videos PLUS you get as a bonus my How To Create Your Fitness Business Online Course showing you how to take your classes from physical to digital with coaching from me as well.

There is No assessment or sending in videos or doing an exam. You are already qualified as a group exercise teacher. This is a concept brand.

Lift Lean ™ is a  Female Focussed Resistance Training Workout that can be a stand alone class which you would teach as in a 30/45 or 60 minute group x format, or  it could be a 15/20 minute LIFT LEAN ™ segment in your existing class or a programme you offer online OR a mix of all 3.

For 2019 all my courses and concepts will have a digital element so you are trained and educated to run fabulous LIVE classes and live experiences AND have the knowledge and expertise to offer an online version as well.

Giving you delivery options, ideas and choices for a fast moving group exercise landscape.

I’ve not designed LIFT LEAN ™ around one piece of equipment you can use anything – if you are community-based get your participants to purchase weights/bands/KB so they can come to your LIVE class and do the workouts at home to compliment.

My goal is to reach women who are not weight training or resistance training on a regular basis and how impactful regular/daily resistance training is for women of all ages.

I’ve created a  huge database of different workouts you will never be stuck for ideas. I’ve filmed over 250 LIFTLEAN workouts and in the Instructor training you have access to 75 and if you want more they are all filmed and ready when you are.

Have a read through the details and watch the video CLICK HERE Do watch the video and let me know if you share my version. To empower and Impact the physical and mental health of women in a non intimidating, welcoming environment. 

Lift lean™ is a resistance training workout in a fun, motivating and progressive format.

CLICK HERE for details on LIFT LEAN 



Rachel Holmes Podcast with Jayne Nicholls

Back by popular demand, Jayne Nicholls is the guest on this weeks show and we talk about Yoga & Pilates education and training, social media influencers, fitness instructor training and much much more.

It’s always a pleasure to have Jayne on the podcast and this is exactly as if you are part of Jayne and I’s daily conversations.

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I hope you are inspired and wishing you a fab THURSDAY


Love Rachel x



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