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Hope you have had a fab start to January – I’ve got lots of new events, workshops and meetups being scheduled so look out for new Fitness Pilates days, RETRO Fitness jam sessions and Fitness Business Brunches on Friday and Saturday mornings around the UK.



Look for the white space. Look for the gaps.

What is NOT being Offered in your area?


NOW Is the time to start a “GENTLE FITNESS” class. There are SO many intense, hard, HIIT, Circuits, Bootamps around and not many  Gentle Fitness classes.

My dear friend, Fitness Pilates Head Tutor and presenter Kelly Reed-Banks started a new Gentle Fitness class in November 2018, which you would think is the absolute worse time to launch a new class and BOOM it popped. Totally sold out.

This year its also sold out.

Monday afternoon 2pm.

WOW.  Thats a gap for most of us!

Perfect if you are looking to taper down your evenings and maximise your daytimes.

What a brilliant name…… It’s not age specific or ability specific or injury specific and it leaves you with so much scope for content.  Gentle Fitness is a lovely caring name that everyone GETs immediately. 

You don’t need to write oceans of text to describe what it is.


We talked about GENTLE FITNESS at the Fitness Pilates Summit and many of the FP girls have ran with it and had phenomenal results.

Jenny Wheatley just launched in Hampshire to a sold out crowd.


But How Do You Market Gentle Fitness?

There has never been an EASIER time to market GENTLE FITNESS using Facebook. If you have noticed FACEBOOK is ageing UP.

The youngsters are leaving FB for Instagram and 50+ is now one of the biggest demographic using Facebook for daily news, updates and local information.

There are some amazing marketing tactics that are simple and FREE using social media and this is a prime audience to market your GENTLE FITNESS Class to.




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What Does Gentle Fitness Entail?

You can plan your class however you like and ring the changes from week to week.

Low Impact, Mobility work, Basic Strength Training, Chair/Bar Work, Stretch, Floorwork, Fitness Pilates, Freestyle Fitness Yoga section if you are trained in those formats.

Pure Energy has some incredible music for this type of class so check out the PE website.

If this excites you do some market research, find a nice room and start marketing.




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Love Rachel 

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