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 Something I  have been thinking about for a long time is where do we go in the fitness industry.

What is the future for Group Exercise Teachers?

If you have been teaching for many years do you just keep on teaching until you retire?


The fitness, health and wellness industry continues to grow exponentially. Its a huge global market, yet group exercise Instructors are still paid  poorly in relation to the amount of time, expertise and cost it takes to keep classes current and up to date.


The impact on the  body, voice and mind is huge over time and we have no credible governing body or association that we can go to for help and guidance. 


Very few professions that I can think of are set up in this way? It seems even after 30 + its still wild west like.


Looking back do any of you remember the old C2GO Forum from back in the day, what a gem of support, help and advice could be found on there. Forums had issues for sure but finding relevant info was quick and easy.


We also attended more LIVE workshops and conventions and training events so we met each other physically! Had REAL conversations, created friendships, networked and made new contacts.


Facebook replaced the forum and while its a definite lifeline, and amazing for advertising, marketing and PR’ing your business but it os  is a HUGE time suck and finding information quickly and easily is not how its set up. 


The social media platforms are designed to keep your scrolling for hours and stuck in the apps which is frustrating and tedious often leaving you feeling overwhelmed, inadequate and confused!


I have written this before but I miss the old Fitpro Conventions – the educational mix pf physical and theory, workshops and masterclasses on a wide variety of subjects and the regional workshops but I feel a sea change.  


The internet and social media has provided us with amazing oppetunities to scale our businesses to reach more people create digital classes and programmes, which everyone, I talk to wants to get into. 


But NO ONE wants to be stuck looking at social media 24/7 trying to make it happen.


We are people people. We want real life experiences and to create businesses that fit into our lifestyles and don’t take away precious time from family and loved ones.


Where do you want to go?


Where do you see yourself going over the next few years?


What are your current experiences



Id love to hear – Ill post the newsletter over on the Choreographytogo Facebook page (Ironically!) and Id love to get a great discussion over there. – that’s what FACEBOOK Is great for – Discussion and Conversation.


CLICK here for the link.


Have a wonderful day my friends.


Love Rachel xxx


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Have a great week.

Love Rachel 

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