Lift Lean™ Instructor Training

Are you ready to teach something new and create a new health and fitness experience for female clients?

This is a new style of Instructor Training & Education and I’ll tell you why… Firstly the training is all online. There is a flat fee for the training and then that’s it.

No monthly costs, no hidden extras, no reoccurring payment and you get to use all of the branding, graphics, promotional videos PLUS you get as a bonus my How To Create Your Fitness Business Online Course showing you how to take your classes from physical to digital.

Lift Lean ™ is a female focused resistance training workout that can be a stand alone class which you would teach as in a 30/45 or 60 minute group x format, or it could be a 15/20 minute LIFT LEAN ™ segment in your existing class or a programme you offer online OR a mix of all 3.

Train To Teach Lift Lean™ – Completely Online Course!

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