Fitness Pilates Newsletter for 17th February 2019.


Good Morning.  I hope you have had a fabulous week and looking forward to half term if you run your sessions term time. How fast has mid-February rolled up on us? 

Thanks for all the lovely feedback on the meditation ideas I will record some more as we often get stuck in a relaxation rut and it’s nice to get some fresh ideas for your guided meditations at the end of class.

I held the very first Women Teaching Fitness Business Brunch on Friday at Browns in Nottingham and we had a fantastic meet up and networking event. All of the attendees had very different visions for their businesses which enabled me to go in-depth on each business and offer advice, support and guidance. Look out for details on the next one. The Brunches are small intimate events to really dig into your business, we discuss where you may be getting stuck and ideas to move ahead.



Exercise Focus – Table Top.

The TABLE TOP is a foundational exercise that is beneficial for all postural types.  It is the base move to practice before adding more advanced exercises like 100, Single & Double Leg Stretch that include lengthening the leg and arm levers
Clients with a lordotic spine will find the exercise a challenge so may keep one foot on the floor to main a stable spine during the exercise.
I’ve created a mini-workshop video if you click above with some reminders.
Ring the changes by adding a foam roller or mini ball and above all teach, coach and support with love and passion.


Fitness Pilates Instructor Event Of The Week 

Jackie Daly ran her first Healthy Body and Healthy Mind weekend afternoon and it was a resounding success – check out her page on social media for the full details.

“The afternoon is done 🙏💜🧘‍♀️ it was lovely, fab fab fab, everyone loved having some YOU time, 23 lovely ladies and 2 lovely gents and gained some great feedback, definitely recommend doing a similar event if you can… Go for it!!! 😍😍😍 Xxx” Says Jackie

Have a wonderful week 

Love Rachel xxx



***Course Updates and Reminders****


As you know with FP there is not an obligation to upskill and do more training to keep using the Fitness Pilates name BUT please, it is so important that you stay updated with everything new. Kelly and I are constantly tweaking and adding new components to FP and it’s imperative you are not teaching older and outdated information.

I have created a road map below showing you each online course and where it fits in with your learning – I really hope this helps which course is more beneficial depending on where you are in your journey.

Did you qualify with me many years ago or feel like you need a refresher? Click  for information on the FP REFRESHER course book today and start your new classes soon.

Fitness Pilates Pathway



Start teaching and gaining experience.



As you gain experience up skill and educate on common orthopaedic conditions that clients will have who attend your classes so you know the do’s and don’t of common conditions.


3 directions

A.Teaching Fitness Pilates To Children

B.Advanced Fitness Pilates For Pre and Post Natal.

C.Fitness Pilates Personal Trainer and Small Group Certification.


Step 4 – Teach A Greater Depth and Add A Wider Service To Your Business INCLUDING OFFERING AN ONLINE COMPONENT TO YOUR CLASSES.

Include A Women’s Health Programme Live Or Online To Compliment your FP LIVE Classes.

Serve your women on a deeper level become a Fitness Pilates Health Coach and include nutrition, lifestyle, hormonal balance, stress reduction. mindset coaching and motivation.

Take the online Fitness Pilates Health Coach – This is our Flagship Course.

I hope that helps and of course please send us a message via the messenger app on Facebook if you have any questions or post in the Fitness Pilates Instructor Facebook Groups CLICK TO JOIN 

Have a great week

Love Rachel xxx

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**New Dates Guildford, London, Birmingham**

*Remember to book early for your prep and reading time*

Choreographytogo is the official Level 3 Pilates Provider for Virgin Active Health Clubs

1/2/3 March – London Barbican Virgin Active

5/6/7 April – Manchester Salford Quays Virgin Active

10/11/12 May -Nottingham Virgin Active

21/22/23 June Guildford 

27/28/29 September London

22/23/24 November Birmingham 

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