A brilliant day delivering the Fitness Pilates course in London (2nd February 2019).

Was so lovely to meet you all- just look at this happy and smiley bunch! Welcome to the Fitness Pilates family to our new coaches we wish you all the best in the launch of your new classes.


So what happens on our Fitness Pilates Training course?


The aim of Fitness Pilates is to identify basic postural  and movement imbalances and through Pilates based exercises and breath:

Increase muscular balance and strength.
Improve clients posture.
Facilitate the clients’ ability to optimally function occupationally and recreationally.
Improve core strength.
Improve mental cognition.
Fitness Pilates aims to education learners in Pilates techniques with a modern and contemporary style

How Is The Course Assessed?

The group will go away and film themselves teaching 1 Fitness Pilates Exercise with progressions and regressions, teaching skills, personality, anatomical cueing and imagery. Our Tutor will choose your exercise and discuss this with them on the practical contact day.

There is also an open book exam and feedback during practical teaching sessions on the course.



Fitness Pilates is recognised by CIMSPA, EMD, Fitpro.
Fitness Pilates was created by Rachel Holmes in 2002 as a fitness/group exercise version of traditional Pilates delivered in a contemporary style for qualified Fitness Professionals.

It began as a workshop called Equilibrium which fused Pilates with Stretch and Yoga and transformed into Fitness Pilates in 2002/2003.

Rachel began running workshops and training course around the UK, Europe and North America from 2003.

The training updates annually and incorporates new exercise and movement science but has its roots firmly in traditional Pilates and Controlology.

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Fitness Pilates is taught to music in a group exercise format and includes Warm Up, Mobility, Active & Passive Flexibility, Standing & Functional Exercises,  Mat, Stretch & Relaxation.

Our updated training dates are as follows:

9/10th February Manchester
David Lloyd, Manchester North, Heywood Old Rd, Middleton, Manchester M24 4TH

9/10th March Bristol
David Lloyd, Bristol Westbury, Greystoke Ave, Bristol BS10 6AZ

27/28th April Birmingham
David Lloyd Solihull
247 Cranmore Boulevard, Shirley, Solihull, West Midlands, B90 4ZL

18/19th May London
David Lloyd, Harbour Club Kensington, Point West, 116 Cromwell Rd, London SW7 4XR

6/7th July Cambridge
Venue TBC

14/15th September Guildford
Venue TBC

12/13 October Bristol
Venue TBC

2/3 November Nottingham
Venue TBC

7/8 December London
Venue TBC


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