IFS Blackpool was pretty incredible. If you teach any kind of Group Exercise it’s a must.
It’s soo good.
The atmosphere.
The presentations.
The delegates.
The venue is second to none – the sound, the lighting in all of the rooms all is like NO OTHER venue in the UK.
I know Blackpool is a LONG way for many to get to but gosh it is worth it.
The 3 magical days of inspiring group fitness.

The history of the event is important but the future of the event is reflecting and evolving as the industry changes and moves forward.

I was very proud and honoured to be asked to present the Pure Energy/ Chrysalis Presenter of the year award and this year the award went  Jo Ali (Parry).
Such a popular choice everyone was so happy for Jo who first won new presenter of the year 19 years ago.

With so many messages and congratulations on social media, Jo wrote  a wonderful piece thanking people and I wanted to quote a section of it here as it so relevant and timely :

“The Fitness Industry is ever evolving which can be very exciting at times and us as Instructors also need to evolve and embrace changes by up skilling and educating ourselves. However, in my opinion, Group Fitness Instructors/Presenters never truly get the praise and recognition (or monetary reward) they duly deserve but saying this I do LOVE my job, ‘we’ love our job and it can be so rewarding on so many levels.

What I do know is that Group Fitness creates a unique magical experience for everyone involved, often a euphoric experience that goes above and beyond any other fitness discipline. It showcases the true sense of the word ‘team work’ and it organically forms lifelong friendships for instructors and participants, which you can’t put a price on.

So, here’s to many more years wearing lycra…… I mean……. dancing about and loving life. Thank you again each and every one of you that took the time and effort to send me beautiful messages, I look forward to seeing you all again next year at IFS2020 or sooner”
JO ALI 26th March 2019

Congratulations Chrysalis on a wonderful event and Jo on winning this special award.


Is the fitness industry ageist?

Are older instructors embraced? – I loved catching up with Lydia Campbell to discuss this topic. Lydia is 65 and has amazing energy, strength and loads of goals to go at in the industry.  Click the picture to watch the interview and add yuor comments to this very interesting conversation.

Great Chat With Ceri Hannon On The Future Of Fitness Events – Great conversation with Ceri on events and the future click here to watch 

I hope you enjoy those interviews.

Thanks for reading and watching.

Wishing you a happy Wednesday evening.

Love Rachel x



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