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Welcome to the Fitness newsletter I hope you are having a great weekend and classes are busy and your Pilates business is thriving.

This weekends newsletter features a functional and progressive back workshop that I hope you find helpful and an article taken from the Fitness Pilates For Orthopaedic conditions certification, on dealing with wrist problems. 

We the ever-increasing time spent on iphones and keyboards I created a hand and wrist FP workout which I have linked to below, just a few minutes incorporated into the warm-up can be hugely beneficial. 

More client struggle with wrist problems so managing this successfully in our  Pilates sessions is key.


Dealing With Client Wrist Problems

Clients may suffer wrist pain or an inability to place their hands correctly in 4-Point Kneeling, Box position or Table Top.

This includes ¾ and full Leg Pull (Plank and pushup) positions. In the 4-Point Kneeling position the client is asked to place their knees below their hips with hands (wrist and heel of the hand) below the shoulders.

This may be painful or difficult due to reduced wrist extension.


1. Move the hands slightly further forward to reduce the angle of wrist extension. Not too far forward though, as ideally the weight of the body needs to transfer from the shoulder, down the arm and through the heel of the hand in a vertical line

2. Make a fist so the wrist is ‘straight’ and lean on the knuckles

3. Place a yoga block under the heels of the hands

4. Use a hand-weight (one that wont roll away). Grasp the hand weight in a similar fashion to making a fist as above.

5. Ensure correct technique – body weight should be evenly distributed through the 4 points of contact (2 knees and 2 hands), not leaning forwards over the hands. If in ¾ or full Leg Pull position the client should still try not to lean too far forwards over the hands and try to keep some weight back over the knees or toes.

6. Reduce reps/breaths

7. Take more rest breaks

8. Adapt by reducing from ¾ or full Leg Pull position to 4-Point-Kneeling or ¾ respectively

 9. If it is still too painful then suggest an alternative version of the same exercise such as prone lying swimming, or give an alternative exercise altogether


Have a wonderful week and if you need any help with your Pilates Training or help with your business please email me or send me a message on Facebook Messenger.

Have a great evening and happy teaching 🙂 

Love Rachel xxx


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