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Teaching Tips for Fitness Pilates – Rachel Holmes

Be an Extraordinary Fitness Pilates Teacher

“Our body is really the product of our thoughts. We’re beginning to understand in medical science the degree to which the nature of our thoughts and emotions actually determines the physical substance and structure and function in our bodies”

Dr John Hagelin Quantum Physicist and Public Policy Expert


Instructing a Fitness Pilates class means offering to pupils an extensive library of FP exercises and sequences.  Each exercise will have progressions and adaptations, that you can teach depending on who is in your class that day.  The class should include a warm up and joint mobilisation, standing, functional and travelling section, floor work including exercises in supine, prone, side lying and quadruped positions.


The Mind Body Link

It is important to create a relaxed teaching atmosphere where pupils can feel comfortable during the sessions. Even when the exercises levels are challenging, focus on the positive effects and feelings of each movement.


Begin with A “Can Do” mindset instead of  a “Can’t do mind set”

Encourage pupils to adopt a positive approach to their Fitness Pilates class. Banish the “Can’t do…….” Attitude and replace it with “I can do that exercise” 

When you par q new members ask them to tell you what they CAN do instead of what they CAN’T do.


Fitness Pilates is a true mind body fitness discipline. It requires concentration and focus to perform each movement accurately.  Encourage pupils to, really, feel how each movement or exercises impacts the body as it is being performed.


Develop a thirst for books/audiobooks. Learn more to earn more!

Read everything you can on Pilates/Mind Body Exercises/Breathing /Linguistics/Self Development & Mastery/Positive thinking/Brain Health/Anatomy

You have so much time in an FP class to teach, guide and inspire your audience so fill your classes with the latest research, information, back care statistics or whatever you find motivating.  Include lots of interesting facts and research.

 *Be a knowledgeable teacher that loves sharing and passing on insightful  wisdom*



Fitness Pilates epitomises cultivating an open mind to the original Pilates teachings, exercise prescription and research. Read everything and apply different exercises and methodology to your classes. 

Keep an open mind to new and old ideas – keep learning and keep growing.

*Don’t worry about what others are doing. Focus on moving forward, learning and applying what is suitable to YOUR clients*

In our social media culture, it’s very easy to see Pilates Teachers on Instagram doing and teaching things that look very different to what you may be doing, stay on YOUR path.

We NEED diversity. We need different styles, different options, and differntvariations all taught with respect and love. 


Goal Setting

Where ever you are with your business,  where you would like to you and your business to be in the next year, 2 years, 5 years?

Goal setting is the master key to unlock your full potential. Without goals, you drift and flow on the currents of life. With goals, you fly like an arrow straight to your target.

Write down a list of goals in relation to your Fitness Pilates Teaching  Business.

Create a time line and the date you will have completed each goal.

TAKE ACTION daily  – take small bite sizes chunks working towards your goals and very soon you will smash those goals!


Have a wonderful week and if you need any help with your Pilates Training or help with your business please email me or send me a message on Facebook Messenger.

Have a great day and happy teaching 🙂 

Love Rachel xxx



Weekly Updates – Training, Workshops & News

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Fitness Pilates Summit 17th November 2019 Canary Wharf London Early Bird £127.00

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Rachel Presents: Pilates Pump – Activation Class

Partner Pilates For Advancing, Spotting, Coaching and FUN!

Recreate the Reformer – Mat work ideas using tubing

Kelly Presents: Advanced Mat

Dazzling warms ups and super cool downs.

Fitness Pilates Meditation and Breathing.


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5/6/7 April – Manchester Salford Quays Virgin Active 11-5pm

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27/28/29 September London Virgin Active Barbican 11 – 5

8/9/10 November Birmingham Solihull Virgin Active 11 – 5

17/18/19 January 2020 Bristol David Lloyd Westbury Times To be Confirmed.

 ​7/8/8 February 2020 London Virgin Active Barbican Times To be Confirmed

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