Hello Its the C2GO Newsletter 23rd 2019

I hope you have had a wonderful week and READY for the bank hol. 

Are you planning your Summer timetable? Hopefully….. we will get some sunshine and be able to organise Pilates in the Park and outdoors masterclasses like last year.

So today’s C2GO’s newsletter contains 3 quick and easy class ideas for you to implement into your freestyle classes. 

Garage Step 

This is different choreography to my usual style. Inspired by Pure Energy Garage mix called  THE REMIX.  I used low style syncopated moves to fit the groove

Aerobics Choreography SUPER Old SKOOL lots of chasses, ham curls etc. The music is Keep Freestyle Fabulous by Pure Energy (use my code RHPP for 10% discount)

Legs and Abs HIIT workout – Fast ideas for a HIIT or body conditioning, circuit style class.

Happy Thursday and I look forward to seeing you soon.

Lots of new projects coming up with Activation Band masterclasses, New Brainfit Workshops, More Fitness Business Academy Mastermind Webinars &  Level 4 Pilates Training in London

Speak soon 🙂

Love Rachel xx




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