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Do you want to offer more holistic services to your clients?

The Fitness Pilates Health Coach is a 6 part course containing the following modules:

Part 1

Optimum Nutrition, Inflammation and the role it plays on pain, illness, mental health, brain fog and menopausal issues.

Food for Optimum health and vitality, Supplements,

Developing food choices for health and vitality for the Fitness Pilates client.

Part 2

Hormonal health and how it relates to The Fitness Pilates Client.

Strategies for improving hormonal health using food, supplements, FP exercises and stress relief.

Part 3

Gut Health, and gut health protocols.

The link between gut health, disease, and mental health.

Part 4

Mindset, Motivation, Emotional Triggers, Happiness, and Mood.

Part 5

Advanced teaching, Coaching, Marketing your services, Business ideas, pricing, positioning, PR and branding.

How to build your Fitness Pilates Business, Social Media For Fitness Pilates.

Part 6

Practical Functional Fitness Pilates 3D Practical Ideas, Exercises, and Updates.

The content will be delivered via video online. You will be able to watch as many times as you need to and then move on to the next part.

There will be an online test at the end of each part.



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