Hi Guys, I’m Janice, a freelance Yoga and Fitness Pilates teacher, and founder of Yoga Fusion in Erdington, Birmingham.

I entered the fitness Industry late in life and didn’t actually start studying for my Exercise to Music qualification until I was 34, but haven’t stopped teaching since! I was always excited by freestyle classes as they allowed me to be creative and inject some of my own personality, and this is exactly what I found to be my strength when I first began teaching in the private gyms and leisure centres way back in 2007.

My step, LTB, aerobics, aqua and boxercise classes proved just as popular as the Les Mills programmes. I did however go on to become a Les Mills instructor, Body Balance & Body Combat, and a pre and post-natal ETM instructor, so over delivered a variety of classes over the years.
It was my love of the Body Balance programme that lead me down the Yoga route. I began teaching Freestyle Fitness Yoga whilst completing my Level 3 Yoga with Group X training, then headed off to India to further my multi style yoga training. In 2018 I qualified as a Pregnancy Yoga teacher and a Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga teacher and finally opened my own little studio in Birmingham.

My timetable was all Yoga initially but I always had the intention of adding Fitness Pilates once I was established. Fitness Pilates was added onto the timetable in June and this was one of the most positive things I could have done, it has been so well received that I’m having to add more classes already. The split between the Yoga and what I call the FP series of classes is close to a 50/50 split now, and the classes are booked well in advance.

The students are feeling physically balanced and strong and are loving the variation of classes that are now offered. The various props that we work with; i.e different sized balls and bands make the classes challenging and fun, no class is ever the same. We also offer Activation band workouts, 35/40 and 45 minute classes. The main purpose of these classes was to target the muscles of the glutes and legs, but as the classes are proving more popular the content and duration have increased. You can expect a great legs, bums and tums type workout with these bands, big results with little impact on the body.

Since adding the FP series of classes I have seen a huge increase in the overall strength and postural awareness in both my students and myself. The muscular imbalances that we all appear to build over time due to age, job and lifestyle are fading fast. Lower back niggles and weaknesses that haunt many of us are definitely being helped by strengthening the core, legs and glutes, the importance of this work should never be forgotten or underestimated!

Anyone local to Erdington who is looking for the Fitness Pilates series of classes please visit our website www.fusionyogis.co.uk or book direct via the Gymcatch booking app by searching for Yoga Fusion, this will launch our current schedule. Classes are currently run Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Sunday mornings, but you can expect more in the very near future.


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