FITNESS PILATES Newsletter Sunday 14th July 2019 

6 Simple Steps To Creating Your First Online Fitness Pilates Course.

Would you love to offer Pilates training/courses/classes online and build an online income?

Has this ideas been swimming about in your mind for ages but you STILL haven’t done anything about it or taken any action?


Ok. We are all so busy. I totally get it.

BUT immerse your self in this for say, a month and it will pay you dividends in the future.

I have broken it down into 6 simple steps so grab your notebook and watch the video above. ( I made the video above for Lift Lean and Kick Start Instructors but the steps to creating any online course are the same)


Step 1
Who do you want to reach – who is your class/programme/course aimed at?
Getting clear about who your audience is crucial.


Step 2
Create a free *something* it could be a free Fitness Pilates workout, a Check list or guide PDF.
5 Simple Steps To Improving Posture.
5 Fitness Pilates Exercises To Help Back Pain
5 Fitness Pilates Exercises To Strengthen Your Core.
5 Fitness Pilates Exercises To Improve  Rounded Shoulders.

Think of something really simple that can easily be followed, understood and implemented.


Step 3
Create an Online Community for your Fitness Pilates people.
A private facebook group is the easiest way to build your online brand.


Step 4
Create and launch your first “paid for’ course.
Keep it simple, with tons of value and short so your clients feel accomplished!
Brainstorm ideas such as…..
7 Days Of Fitness Pilates
7 Day to Improve Your Posture with Fitness Pilates.
The 7 Day Improve Your Core Strength FP Challenge.


Step 5
Overdeliver with value. help your members get great results and have a fabulous experience.
Gather testimonials and real-life proof that your programme has had an impact.


Step 6
Repeat and begin expanding your online business.


More and more people are exercising at home with Youtube and Apps and by creating your own online programmes it will build your income and enable you to provide more value to your existing members.


If you teach in a club this is the perfect way to grow your business without teaching community classes.

And if you are a community class teacher this is THE best way to create additional revenue, build a higher value business and compete with all the gyms, studios and centres around.


I hope the video above helps you and encourages you to take your expertise and create a digital offering.

Good luck and let me know how you get on 🙂 


Any questions please post in the Facebook group or message me directly.

Let me know I’d love to hear from you.

Have a lovely Sunday.

Rachel xx

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