Fitness Pilates Exercises – Small Tweaks & Simple Ideas.

Click the video above to see the exercises described below.

I’ve been playing around with the spiky balls and mini balls this week. I chose the exercises above in the little montage as they work well in mixed ability groups, you don’t need to do many reps and beginners can easily take the balls away if they need more stability.

The balls provide instant feedback as to whether the core muscles are being recruited adequately to maintain alignment and stability. 

PLUS, just by balancing ON the balls the core muscles come into play or the client will simply flop of the ball onto the floor 🙂 

Exercise 1 with the Spiky Ball. Place the balls under each foot adding as much pressure as required. Move into bridge feeling the pressure on the feet increase as the weight transfers. Add leg slide with control syncronising breathing with movement.

Exercise 2 with Mini Ball. Side-lying exercises are hard even WITHOUT an unstable surface!  Place the mini ball under the hip to increase the core contraction, balance challenge and proprioception. It’s a wonderful challenge and great for giving the client immediate feedback.

Exercise 3 with the Mini Ball. Extended Ab curl prep. Place the ball under the thoracic spine to encourage an increased extension.

Exercise 4 with the Mini ball. Place the ball under the hips. “Attempt” Side-lying abduction, hip circles and scissors. shoot for 8 quality reps of each!. It’s a tough one.

Exercise 5 with the Mini Ball. Place the ball under the thoracic spine add a half roll back with increased extension holding and rotating the trunck For variety add the opposite knee.

Teaching Tips

1: Promote lateral breathing and where possible marry the movement to the breath but don’t let breath confusion be a barrier to students. 

2: Focus on quality, precision and concentration. You may only do 4/6 reps.

3: ENJOY  and connect with your class. Using the balls is FUN.  It really is a giggle with clients struggling with balance and coordination, make the process light-hearted and enjoyable. 

I hope you have gained a few ideas for your classes this week.

Let me know I’d love to hear from you.

Have a lovely Saturday.

Rachel xx

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