Good Morning  Hope you are having a great summer and this weeks newsletter I chat about creating BIG fitness goals and any age, how to market your business ready for September and abasic but funky choreography clip.


Basic Funky Low Impact Choreography Routine

This is a funky choreography pitched at 128bpm which is great fun to teach and do.

Ageing In The Fitness Industry

 I get many emails from Fitpros who are looking to “scale down” teach more restorative classes such as Yoga and Pilates. Someone asks me at least once a week how long I will continue to teach High Energy classes for….Do you experience that?

I find it fascinating that someone may think I would want to stop ( I don’t) Society, social media, advertising and messaging subliminally and intentionally seems to want to put women over 50 in a low impact/low-intensity fitness box.

The media’s conversation around menopause is depressing and bleak-  Why shouldn’t we be Cross Fitting/Jumping/Running Marathons / Triathlons if we want to at any age?…… What If you thrive on challenge, personal development and physical fitness but everyone around you is saying “No” it’s bad for your knees/back/spine/pelvic floor/life/cortisol levels etc etc 

There is no reason why at 50 +, 60 + we can’t be the fittest, strongest, healthiest and happiest of our lives.

Let’s challenge ourselves and our 50+ women clients to 

Be Fitter.

Be Stronger.

Be Healthier, Happier Mentally & Physically, Be great to hear your experiences and if one of your goals is to be the fittest, strongest and healthiest you have ever been let me know. It’s definitely mine 🙂 


How To Market Your Classes Ready For September Podcast


10 Steps To Market Your Classes Ready For September

Gone are the days when you could put an ad in the local paper, deliver flyers or put a few random posts up on Facebook and fill your classes.

Its a longer process these days so if you have zero marketing budget and feel like you are spinning wheels wasting time in social media and not getting anywhere with your promotions DO NOT MISS THIS PODCAST.

Every single Fit Pro running a business needs to re-evaluate how they are using social media for promotion and to generate new clients and customers.

I use these 10 STEPS DAILY and currently are the BEST ways to generate business for your September offerings. Take a pen and pencil and have a listen and let know what you think!

Please give the podcast a rating on iTunes and send me a message on social media I LOVE to hear from you on where you are heading in your fitness business

CLICK TO Listen To The Podcast 


Have a Happy Healthy Thursday x


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