A BIG THANK YOU to all who came along to the FIRST Activation Band Live Tour Date in Manchester at the weekend, we had so much fun and what a lovely group you were!

=>Here are some of the fantastic comments/ photos from the participants:
“Good to catch up with @rachellholmes again after a few years. I always find her so inspiring and loved the workshop today with the new Activation Band. She nearly killed me!!”
“Activation band workshop completed!”
🙌Amazing afternoon taking part in @rachellholmes Activation Band Workshop! 🧘‍♀️So nice as an instructor to be in a room filled with so much positive energy and inspiration! I love my job 💛
“What a brilliant Activation Band Workshop today with the very inspirational @rachellholmes ! Those bands are the work of the devil! 🤣 Today we used them for HIIT, EMOM, Step and Fitness Pilates. My class members, I felt your pain today!”
“Fantastic afternoon spent with these lovely ladies @watersideleisureclub.
We were attending the first stop on the UK tour of
@rachellholmes Activation band workout workshop in Manchester. It was just AMAZING!! 🙌💪💪. @estellia.wellness and I had a great time, it was tough at times, but have woke up feeling great. 🙌😂
“Thank you again for a great session… woke up expecting some major pain in my butt this morning but surprisingly I’m feeling great!!!”
“Great workshop, awesome exercises Rachel! My butt feels amazing this morning! Thanks 😃
“Fabulous workshop 🙌 can’t wait to use the bands 🔥
“A fantastic workshop, 😘hard graft 💪 with lots of fun, great ideas for classes, as always lovely to see you, thank you so much Rachel xxx😊 😘👌
“Another fantastic few hours in your company.
fun, highly inspirational and always painful!!! Thanks again”
“Thank you @rachellholmes for such a fantastic workshop. You worked us hard 😂 💪but gave us so much information and great ideas! Feeling great this morning…tomorrow maybe different 😂🙌. Looking forward to starting my classes. ❤️😘

We can’t wait to see all booked onto BRISTOL next weekend! If you want to join us then check out the links below:

Riverside Leisure Club Little Stoke,12pm – 2:30pm
David Ross Sports Village, 1:30pm – 4pm

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