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Seated Fitness Pilates Exercises and Mobility

This Weeks Fitness Pilates video is a  seated mobility matwork workout. I hope it is relevant and helpful click above to watch.

Fitness Pilates Exercise Mash up

Check out this week mash up all using the Activation band.

1:Standing Flow for warm-up

2:Reverse table top with leg extension.

3:Banded Criss Cross.

4: Banded Knee Rolling.

5:Banded side-lying variations

Have fun!

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WELL DONE to our New Level 3 Pilates group who passed this weekend in London

Wow what an amazing 3 days I’ve had delivering level 3 Pilates contact days to these gorgeous people!!! It’s been such a pleasure to start them on their journey & im so excited to receive their case studies, portfolios & assess their filmed sessions
This was a very high standard of learners coming from very different back grounds but all were so supportive to each other & to the learning!
I absolutely loved teaching them
Thank you for your energy, enthusiasm & hard work!!! As always the staff at virgin active Barbican were so helpful & made everything run smoothly – fantastic club!!!

Fitpros Manging The Menopause.

It has been a busy week in the Fitness Pilates group with the Fitpros Managing The Menopause thread.  100’s of comments been added every day. I interviewed Jane Dowling of Menoandme on the podcast where Jane sets out how we can help and support each with the up to date information and pass this on to our clients.

Jane is a wealth of knowledge on all things menopause and being a clinical exercise professional and studio owner she totally understands what many Fitpros are going through and experiencing. I  write a weekly Women’s Health Newsletter with a series of articles about the Menopause you may find helpful Click here to add your details

How To Create An Online Women’s Health & Wellness Programme Webinar Replay

Did you miss it last Sunday? Click for the replay.




Have you booked yet?

13th October Nottingham click for details

19th October Chelmsford click for details

Have a Happy Healthy Week x

Love Rachel xx



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