Offer Online Women’s Health & Fitness Programmes.

Take your business ONLINE.

Have you hit the ceiling for teaching live classes – financially and physically?

There is a limit to want you can do and earn teaching face to face.

The way to reach more people and increase your income is to offer online complimentary programmes that you can sell to your existing clients and attract new clients who live locally and nationally.

So where do you start?

I have created 5 key Online Programmes that you can purchase and go through. These will provide you with a tried and tested template and content that you can use to create your own online programmes.

Use my blueprint programmes to get your online business going.

It’s just like going to a workshop you see all of the presenters content and then create your version tailored to suit your clients and your style.  You can use and share my videos until you build up your own library of videos and deliver everything LIVE in a Facebook group or on a membership site.

*You may want to offer something “online” but not sure where to start or how to create the content*

Each programme includes a daily workout and a daily lifestyle/nutrition video so you can see exactly step by step how each programme develops and comes together.

**Here are the 5 Key Programmes**

*Want to purchase more than 1 email me for a special offer*

Lift Lean™ – The Strength Training Programme For Women. Can be delivered as a LIVE class or as an online programme. Click here for details Includes the bonus course How To Create Your Classes Online Course and healthy eating 5;2 Plan

The 90 Day Women’s Health and Wellness Programme

. Covers holistic health, lifestyle, weight loss and wellbeing including Nutrition, Workouts, Sleep, Stress, Hormones, Motivation and Mindset. CLICK Here for the details

PRIME 2020 – Menopause Weightloss, Health & Fitness.

Weightloss, Nutrition and Workouts For Women in The Menopause Phase Of Life – A full programme including daily workouts, daily nutrition video plus Menopause Information Updates Click here on offer

ELEVATE 1  12 Week High Performance Weightloss, Nutrition, Fitness & Health Programme

Elevate 1 Contains Programmes ;

Month 1 Reset and Refocus.

Month 2 Lift Lean Super

Month 3 Supercharge Body Reset.

PLUS 15 BONUS BEGINNER HOME WORKOUTS & Fitness Pilates Workouts 

Intro Videos Include

  • What To Eat
  • Explanation Of Various Nutrition Protocols.
  • Importance Of Sleep
  • What To Expect In Elevate.
  • What Happens If You Go Off Track.

Daily Nutrition Video and Daily Workouts.

Want To Offer Shorter Programmes or get my full starter package including 7 Day Sprinter, 7 Day Midsection Meltdown, 14 Day Sprinter, Prime AND ELEVATE plus How to set up your classes online course

Click the Kick Start Coach Certification (CIMSPA APPROVED)

Programmes to help you build a successful, profitable and sustainable fitness and lifestyle business in 2020.

Question DM me or Facebook Message

Good Luck


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