C2GO Newsletter 12th March 2020

Good Morning  ls

What a week………..

We are launching 3 new Online Courses in the next 7 days 🙂

Fitness Pilates For Children and Teens – launches Friday Click here

Fitness Pilates For Older Adults Volume 2 launches next week – including Mobility, Balance, Seated ball and activation band, Standing Warm-up Ideas, Seated Spiky Ball and gentle mat.

Seated Strength and Fitness – Includes Full Strength, Seated HIIT, Seated Giant Set Workouts, Seated Cardio, Seated Yoga, Seated Stretch, Seated Fitness Pilates, Seated Relaxation & Breathing and Seated Mobility.

I have done several lives about the Virus and safeguarding your health and business as a self-employed and small business owner.

1:Update all client’s contact details on your newsletter list.

2:Encourage clients to join your private FP groups and deliver great content into the group.

3:Film a bank of mini workouts and exercises in case classes don’t run or you are not able to PT.

4:Set up a policy for cancellations and hygiene – mats/equipment etc.

5; Plan for the worst. Hope for the best.

Here is my Hi Lo Class this week for ideas and a Fitness Pilates mini ball and band mash up.

Have a fantastic day 🙂

Love Always

Rachel xxx

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