Good Morning 

As we wake up to this new world I would personally like to offer reassurance, support, positivity and help to all Fitpros & Group X Teachers facing losing classes and offering help moving over to digital.

Many tears were shed yesterday and I hope you managed to get some sleep and start to plan.

If you have booked a LIVE Fitness Pilates and Level 3 Course with us, currently we will be running these on the same dates virtually using tech – Zoom and Vimeo.

Both Kelly Reed and I will be tutoring LIVE on the dates. We already have a substantial online portal backed up with 100’s of videos and resources and in the coming days will be adding more and more online support videos to all of our online education.

I will also be adding a full module of how to take your business and teaching online onto all of our the Fitness Pilates and Level 3 Pilates Training training dashboards.

I will be running another webinar either tonight or tomorrow so stay tuned for details coming later today.

How To Stay Updated Quickly & Easily

For continual updates on digital, marketing, branding and tech join my Facebook Supporters Group This has a £3.49 charge I post multiple times a day helping you with tech, marketing, branding, business building and social media.

Overnight I’ve had a lot of messages regarding 121 fast business track business and tech coaching – Message me if this is of interest – I may organise a group training workshop in the next few days.

For ALL Fitpros and Group X Teachers – Join My Rachel Holmes Education, Inspiration & Support Group

For all Fitness Pilates Teachers and My Level 3 Pilates Teachers Join the FP Group

Sending Love and Hugs

Rachel x

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