C2GO Newsletter 21st May For Fitpros

How are you?

Who knew that on Tuesday I would be teaching LBT (yes the legendary FAVOURITE) on ZOOM to over 220 people.  It was the biggest ZOOM class I’ve had to date and we had a right old RAVE on that conferencing app!

It has been FASCINATING what clients are attracted to online.

Are you overthinking this, trying to reinvent the wheel?

Our clients simply want classes they know and LOVE, with fabulous music, they can do from start to finish in their lounge/kitchen/patio or garage…and LBT certainly fits that remit.

Since the LBT masterclass I’ve encouraged Fitpros to put an LBT on and see what happens, the feedback has been huge and I’ve seen countless LBTs pop up on FB & IG.

The first rule of business. Provide your customers with a service they WANT.

Why not schedule your own LBT masterclass?

I ‘m scheduling another one for Sunday Night Bank Holiday Special 830 – 930pm…… Called LBT LIve Big Beat Conditioning to some amazing new music from Pure Energy GO.

Click here to join

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Friday  730pm Super Step Social – Salsa Step & Tribal Stepping BASIC and FUN Click here

Friday 830pm Fitness Pilates Posterior Chain & Posture Improvements Masterclss Click here

Join me for my weekly masterclasses packed with unique and creative content.

Have a great day and please whats app me if you need any help

07976 268672

Much Love

Rachel xxx

Date:  10 – 4pm 19/20/21 June Click here

All 3 contact days taught via ZOOM

Venue: Virtual Online

Active IQ Level 3 Diploma in Pilates with Rachel Holmes and Kelly Reed-Banks

Fitness Pilates Training Course

ONLINE 27/28 June on ZOOM


10am – 4pm

Join Rachel and Kelly for the online Fitness Pilates Virtual Training Course.

ONLINE – You will need an internet connection, Facebook and download ZOOM.us

Fitness Pilates is recognised by CIMSPA, Fitpro

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