Fitness Pilates Newsletter 14th September 2020


Good Morning,


I hope you are having a lovely weekend and getting prepped for a fantastic week ahead.


Do you use Yoga blocks in your FP classes? 


If you are teaching virtually or F2F adding the blocks can provide a  wonderful balance challenge, focus and a deeper range for many exercises. I’ve added the FP Activation band for stability and muscular activation on these little clips for inspiration.


1:Hip Abductions

2:Wobbly 1 leg balance

3:Deep range squat

4:Elevated hip bridge

5:Deep range press ups

6:Balance challenge v sit.




Activation Bands


I have restocked with the Fitness Pilates Activation Band and have all 3 sizes message me for bulk order discounts Rachel@RachelHolmes.com



Developing Fitness Pilates & New Formats


This week sees 4 new FP developments and formats. Kicking off on Tuesday with FP Barre & Spiky Ball. I am enjoying Barre workouts immensely  and have created a simple Barre inspired FP class. Starting with mobility work on the feet with the spiky ball. If you are looking to teach something a new check out the masterclass click here for Barre


On Friday Kelly and I are teaching 4 brand new formats for FP in the FP Female Specialist workshop.

  • FP Pelvic floor
  • FP Functional feet
  • FP Hips & knees
  • FP Through the menopause. We are teaching all 4 formats this Friday on ZOOM and if you can make it LIVE we LOVE to see you, if not then it’s recorded. You will get a certificate and be able to claim 4 hours of continuing education CPD points from CIMSPA Click here for details 



Level 4 Pilates Updates.


If you have recently qualified with L3 Pilates you can now continue your education and take the Level 4 Pilates even if you have not had the Level 3 for 6 months. Originally you had to have your L3 certificate for 6 months before your could join the Level 4 but now you can access the Level 4 as soon as you have your L3 certificate. So, if you are learning mode and want to continue to develop your Pilates knowledge and education you can jump right in Click here for L4


Music Updates.


Pure Energy Go Licence free music has released more fabulous new mind body music. Check out the Mind Body Beats, Mind Body Chill & Mind Body fusion ranges click here 



Have a great week!


Stay safe and look forward to seeing you on a masterclass or training course very soon.


Love Rachel xx



Fitness Pilates Barre & Spiky Ball

Tuesday 830pm – 930pm


Fitness Pilates Female Specialist Workshop

*Pelvic Health

*Functional Feet

*Knees & Hips

*FP for the Menopause years

Friday 18th September


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