🤡🤡TIP FOR FITNESS PROS…Festivals and Carnivals…🤡🤡

Have you noticed there are local festivals and carnivals popping up everywhere?
I went to a fantastic local Carnival the other day and the footfall was incredible there was many stalls, music, street food, exhibitions, children’s activities, food stalls, drinks tent and it was buzzing.
There was no fitness there and I spent the afternoon thinking if there was a Pop Up class it would be amazing!
I did some googling and found a website with all the local festivals/carnivals in the area and there are TONS.
My best friend is a part owner of street food truck and she attends many similar events and they take a lot of money and the footfall is tremendous after the pandemic. It’s also very reasonable and often just a donation to get involved.
If you teach in the community or have a studio have a google to see the local events in you area and consider getting involved in one local to you.
Let me know what you think its a winner if you have a community class business it’s worth considering. 🙂 comment below👇

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