12 Months Healthy Living


Every November/Black Friday I offer my Rachel Holmes Studio Live as a complete  all inclusive ANNUAL  membership for just £250 for the year.

You get:

*Live classes with me 7 days a week all available on replay in the members area.

*3 Masterclasses Deep Dive every week

*Talks, workshops, challenges, New programmes to test.

*Access to my Menofit™ challenges, Sprint Programmes, Nutrition Challenges, My  Healthy Habits, Walkfit™, Menofit™ Pelvic Health – MPH Project, Hot Peri’s, Fitness Pilates Challenges, Brainfit™ as I run them all through the year.

*Recipes, Nutrition, Healthy Living Tips.

*Access to the RH Members area on Kickstartfatloss.net

*Amazing community in my private Facebook Group.

*Access to the new members area and updated RH app in 2023

Weekly Nutrition Q & A and Check in

Who is for:

*If you love classes, content and group X

*Unlimited ideas for your classes

*Ideas for challenges, sprints and mini programmes

*DAILY motivation and happy healthy living.

*Forward thinking Fitpros who want inspiration every day.

Only £250 for the year that’s only £4.80 a week (THATS CRAZY!)


*12 Months of Healthy Living*

Only £4.80 per week for a full timetable of classes, courses and workshops.

12 MONTHS Membership – Special November Black Friday

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