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Twin Pack DVD on Sale Today
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with Rachel Holmes
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Twin Pack 2 x DVD Functional Freestyle Conditioning DVD and Body Conditioning Blast 5

Our Price: £18.00 + VAT + postage + packing

2 x DVDs in a Twin Pack Hard DVD Case

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Product Description
2 x DVDs in a Twin Pack for only £18 + VAT + Postage
£18 + VAT + Postage and Packing ONLY 15 available
2 x action packed DVD’s containing Freestyle functional conditioning and Body Conditioning Blast 5

Disc 1 – Functional Freestyle with Rachel Holmes
Tons of useable Tri Plane Functional Exercises suitable for LBT, Conditioning, Boxing Conditioning classes, Circuits and Bootcamp’s.
1. Cardio Functional Boxing Drills
2. Power Conditioning using a Step with routines for Lower Body, Upper Body, Core and Cardio.
3. Kettlebelle exercise you can do with dumbbells. Don’t worry if you don’t have Kettle belle I will show you 4 basic Kettlebelle exercises you can adapt with dumbbells.

Disc 2 – Body Conditioning Blast 5 A full Body Workout
This is a tough full Body Workout containing 16 exercises that you can use in a circuit, cardio or conditioning. I move from Standing, to Kneeling, Seated, Prone and Supine. You can use this whole workout for a class or take bits and pieces depending on your classes level.

Part 2 of this DVD takes me out doors to try new drills, and sports drills running and on all 4’s. You can do this indoors or outdoors.

Part 3 – Dance Tone and Standing leg routines ideal for Toning or low impact Toning style classes 4 x 32 count low impact dance tone routines

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