If you cannot download a file, it may be too large for your current ISP/connection, or your ISP may be “traffic shaping”. You can try:

Try again later; if this is currently “peak time” (often mid-evening is peak for many ISPs), you could try at a less busy time during the day.


Purchasing a video does NOT mean it will be sent to you in the post, just that you will then be able to download and view the video whenever you wish. If you require a copy sent through the post, you must click on Order on CD.

CD ordering costs an extra £1.50 plus postage and packing. If you order a CD and have already paid for the Choreography previously, a charge of £1.50 will appear in the shopping basket. If you have NOT already paid for the Choreography, you will be charged for the cost of the Choreography plus £1.50. You will then be able to view or download the Choreography at any time, and any subsequent CD’s will be charged at £1.50 each.

If you are using AOL and have a problem viewing files, please look in the Help FAQ for advice.

If you are having trouble viewing videos – such as stuttering playback, or gaps/pauses in the audio, try downloading the video instead. They can be up to 20 MB in size though, and may therefore take up to an hour to download over a 56K modem.

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